Say Goodbye to Hollywood Billy

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I chose a written by the piano man in the headline to convey my sincere sympathy to Mr. Joel, and to offer good news. As a big fan of yours, and of your city, I wish to make you aware that I believe 100% that no one died, as we are told, on . The Moslems are not after us, and life is, in fact, good. Hollywood is responsible for your emotional spasms.

Sadly, you’re not the only one who became upset and depressed after being told that you were under attack. Mr. Joel, I urge you to review my site, and listen to my show, and relax knowing that there is more peace and less real terror than anytime in the history of the world.

Now get back to cranking out some catchy tunes.

Billy Joel has blamed three highly-publicised car accidents on depression brought on by the terror attacks on his home city of New York, rather than on his well-known problems with alcohol.

via Billy Joel: Depression caused by 9/11, not alcohol, caused my car accidents – Telegraph.

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5 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Hollywood Billy

  1. Blue Moon

    As an enthusiastic drinker I can tell you from experience that a drunk is never short on rationale- There is always someone or something that can shoulder the blame in lieu of facing your own problems- And it goes without saying that corporate controlled entertainers must tow the line, especially a New Yorker like Joel- Corporate chattle David Lynch once cleared his throat about 911 being something other than the official story and now he doesn’t make movies anymore- He says he lacks inspiration- Right.

    1. ab Post author

      Yes tow the line or get out of town. Peer pressure and bullying goes on long after the school yard.

  2. simon shack

    Ab, I admire your efforts to alert this world-famous jewish artist to the fact that no one died on 9/11. However, I suspect his alcoholism and depression is caused by him being well aware of this fact and being scared shitless – for obvious reasons – to voice it publicly. I may be wrong about this, but I presume many famous personnages in the entertainment industry – particularly those enmeshed with New York’s jewish elite clique – are currently stuck in this pathetic predicament composed of three “commandments” : to lie, to lie and to lie.

    Failure to comply with these commandments would entail a collapse of ‘their world’, and being swept away along with their entire power base (complicit non-jews and all) built up over decades with gigantic deceptions fed to the unsuspecting public via their (monopolistically-controlled) media outlets.

    1. Aaron

      Good point Simon. His depression could be caused by the fact that he knows the truth about 9/11, but is not allowed to get the message out. That would probably drive him crazy.

      Either that, or he really does believe the official story of 9/11, and is scared of more terrorist events coming down the pike. 9/11 happened in his home city, after all, so it would have been even more terrifying for NYC residents than the rest of us.

      I don’t know; I could go either way on this one. Interesting topic for sure though. I’m a fan of Billy Joel’s music as well; 52nd Street is one of my favorite albums.

      1. Gabriel

        I suspect that Billy already knows. I doubt that its he is scared of terrorists or scared of outing the truth. Rather I suspect he knows the truth and his so called depression is meant to reassure the public that the event was real. If so, he is complicit. So many of us that grew up in the 80s loved his music and if Billy says he is depressed because of 9/11 that kind of stokes our emotions. I think Billy is probably part of the problem. I wish I was wrong. Things should be so much different than they are now.


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