MLK Jr aka Michael King Jr.

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The rest of the MLK story without the sugary coating?

1. Martin Luther King Jr. was NO Christian. King propagated a social Gospel of ecumenism (which is still strongly followed today by African Americans), but King certainly did NOT preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Works EXPOSED!…

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5 thoughts on “MLK Jr aka Michael King Jr.

  1. Gabriel

    The photo of of King attending the Highlander Folk School is just too much. Really, we expect the room to have a sign hanging over head that reads “A Training School For Communists”. I agree that King was probably an illusion. It seems every single movement has been spawned by the perps and certainly for nefarious reasons.

  2. Aral Sea

    MLK was definitely playing a role. How sincere is not for sure. Was civil rights a bad thing? I think not. It’s interesting how the spouse continues or even inherits the legacy of the fallen hero too…i.e. Coretta Scott King, Eva Peron, Corazon Aquino, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Yoko Ono…

  3. aj

    I’m surprised to see this on MLK given the lack of video evidence. If pictures suffice as compelling evidence, then something is terribly wrong. I have no idea if these claims are true but I am disappointed with the lack of video evidence. Anyone can make a story up to intentionally deceive us so how do we know this isn’t made up?

    1. ab Post author

      It’s hard to know what’s true anymore, especially the farther back you go. I agree elements of the story could be false, but his persona was probably more illusion than anything, given those that are promoted before us.


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