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Nuclear relief

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nukejapanIll-prepared for nuclear accidents | Opinion | The Japan Times.

Did I mention how wonderful it is knowing that there is no such thing as nuclear radiation? The only radiation you should worry about is Apollo, the big yellow ball in the sky. Stay out of it at high noon.

Another article with the usual numbers signifying fakery. If they do start using different codes, someone be sure to tip me off. I hate to miss a good prank.


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9/11 hol(y) site

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In case you can’t make it to NYC (and I won’t be anytime soon), you can read the names of the vicSims at the big hole in the ground (zero) right in your browser.Guess the normal privacy blurs that one sees all across Google Earth/Streetview doesn’t apply when you’re trying to make psychic drive a point.

Google Maps Enables Virtual Tours For 9/11 Memorial, Hurricane Sandy Zones, Central Park | TechnoBuffalo.

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Newly discovered Jack

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Newly discovered, in abirato speak, means newly created. No mention of where this new footage is “discovered”.

JFK’s assassination was the first hoax of the TV generation, and emboldened its creators to do the Apollo hoax. With that, they picked up the pace and put the hammer down in the 90s, culminating in 9/11.

This photo appears doctored. Proportion of head to body isn’t quite right.

Expect to see much, much more JFK stuff as the 50th anniversary gets big media coverage.


Newly uncovered video shows JFK addressing Latinos night before he was killed – but Jackie stole the show | Mail Online.

h/t Banazir

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Are big lottery winners hoaxes?

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I often wondered, as did contributor Banazir, if the big lottery winners were hoaxes. This fresh article on a big winner has a few of our favorite tell-tale numbers:

B.C. lottery winner s odd strategy earns him two jackpot cheques   CTV News

B.C. lottery winner’s odd strategy earns him two jackpot cheques | CTV News.

Then there was the story I can’t seem to forget, where the biggest jackpot ever winner was filled with controversy, and of course, occult numbers.

Since we all agree our “government” lies to us, why would they lie about big paydays? Who would go along with it? Are the winners all actors?

Well, in just this small sample of stories, the winners all disappear. This is logical to us, but does it make sense for the long term? Sure it’s good to clear one’s head, but how many of us are willing to cut all ties and start a new life? Could there be other reasons for disappearing, as in, since these are “sims”, they don’t really exist and therefore have no past and certainly no future?

The why is easy. Lotteries are taxes on the stupid, which is most of us. When the payday goes up, it garners big publicity, and subsequently raises staggering amounts more than a normal draw. I must admit, once in a very blue moon, I will stop and indulge if I see big numbers.

It is puzzling why they wouldn’t pay out, I must admit. The whole reason, we are told, that government and only government can run lotteries is that private persons or corps are not trustworthy. Besides money, what would they have to gain? Since private banks (like the Bank of Canada) create fiat currency, why withhold a payout?

Perhaps the anomalies are simply coincidental. Too bad abirato.info doesn’t believe in coincidences.



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The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Dennis Cimino

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This audio on Fetzer was worth listening to. One of the few guests that can keep Jim quiet and listening (but perhaps not hearing).

Really enjoyed Dennis, and happy to hear he considers Sandy and Boston both hoaxes without victims. Why then doesn’t he extend this logic to 9/11, JFK, and the many celebutard deaths?

via The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Dennis Cimino.


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Michael Jackson faked death?

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I tend to agree. I also agree that it’s a distinct possibility that all major bands that see steep declines in popularity or want to exit out of the public eye quickly AND ca$h in quickly on the huge bounce in sales fake the lead singer’s death. Not sure if this is valid today as much, since tickets and t-shirts are the only way for acts to make money.

Michael Jackson?

Well hoi, I think it has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that his death was faked, and he is definitely a master of disguise as seen in the photo below. If there was any ONE individual with enough power and money to “attack the system”, it would be him. I’m guessing his hatred of the media could be a motivator and if there’s any truth to the theory, perhaps there are other individuals behind the scenes working with him.

via THE DERAILING ROOM • Cluesforum.info.

Herding the animals

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No wonder they call the masses cattle.

An episode of HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that aired Tuesday recounted the story of a youth football referee who was injured when a brawl broke out at a game in Sarasota in 2011.


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