Are big lottery winners hoaxes?

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I often wondered, as did contributor Banazir, if the big winners were hoaxes. This fresh article on a big winner has a few of our favorite tell-tale numbers:

B.C. lottery winner s odd strategy earns him two jackpot cheques   CTV News

B.C. lottery winner’s odd strategy earns him two jackpot cheques | CTV News.

Then there was the story I can’t seem to forget, where the biggest jackpot ever winner was filled with controversy, and of course, occult numbers.

Since we all agree our 0;government” lies to us, why would they lie about big paydays? Who would go along with it? Are the winners all actors?

Well, in just this small sample of stories, the winners all disappear. This is logical to us, but does it make sense for the long term? Sure it’s good to clear one’s head, but how many of us are willing to cut all ties and start a new life? Could there be other reasons for disappearing, as in, since these are 0;sims”, they don’t really exist and therefore have no past and certainly no future?

The why is easy. Lotteries are taxes on the stupid, which is most of us. When the payday goes up, it garners big publicity, and subsequently raises staggering amounts more than a normal draw. I must admit, once in a very blue moon, I will stop and indulge if I see big numbers.

It is puzzling why they wouldn’t pay out, I must admit. The whole reason, we are told, that government and only government can run lotteries is that private persons or corps are not trustworthy. Besides money, what would they have to gain? Since private banks (like the Bank of Canada) create fiat currency, why withhold a payout?

Perhaps the anomalies are simply coincidental. Too bad doesn’t believe in coincidences.


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Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra (@tom)
7 years ago

Barely credible, massive sums of money, rich father, car obsessed- nonsense- Euro/English-psy-op. I love the way the quoted ‘neighbour’ second guesses them ”Ohh it’ll be a shame to see them go”…yeh, right, they’ll disappear…National Lottery 666 brigade fake reality, psy op money maker.

Sorry, that was perhaps a bit garbled. In answer to the original post. Yes, I think they are 🙂…

8 years ago

Has anyone met or actually know a large mega lottery winner? That’s the answer. It’s time to re-read 1984. That was part of the mind control, fake lotteries, fake wars, fake news, all designed to control and have everyone think alike.

8 years ago

I’m in agreement that lotteries are rigged. What is really sad to me is seeing poorer people at the gas station spending the few dollars they have on it.

Aaron (@aaron-hopkins)
8 years ago

Alan Watt has mentioned before that all jackpot lottery winners are Freemasons. That would make a lot of sense if true. Perhaps too, the whole Mega-millions lottery is just a fraud in general, and no money is actually given away (except a much smaller wage to the actors who pretend to be the winners). In any case, I don’t believe that just any “Average Joe” on the street can win the lottery. Not unless they’re in the club. Giving away millions and millions of dollars to a random person is way too unpredictable to the people who rule us. The… Read more »

aj (@aaron-johnson)
8 years ago
Reply to  Aaron

Those are all reasonable possibilities and I wouldn’t doubt freemasons do win it. Here’s my guess; since there is a thirty minute gap from the time the lottery closes until the time the numbers are announced, maybe there is a computer system that can scan all of the lottery tickets purchased and determine the combination of numbers not used. That way, they always win. Then they can bring along some actors to pretend they won.

Like you said, giving away millions is too unpredictable and i’d be pleasantly surprised if a regular person won.

banazir2980 (@banazir-galbasi)
8 years ago
Reply to  Aaron

Yeah, here is but one way……

aj (@aaron-johnson)
8 years ago

It’s funny you post this because I have been thinking about this very topic for the past two weeks or so. Given all the hoaxes going on, it would make sense that nobody wins millions of dollars. Maybe the so-called winners are really actors who make us believe that it’s possible to win, which lead us to buy more tickets. There have been so many weird circumstances surrounding the lottery that it makes me lean towards it being a hoax. For instance, here in the U.S. the Powerball went up to $600 million. Only problem was, the ‘winner’ never claimed… Read more »