Michael Jackson faked death?

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I tend to agree. I also agree that it’s a distinct possibility that all major bands that see steep declines in popularity or want to exit out of the public eye quickly AND ca$h in quickly on the huge bounce in sales fake the lead singer’s death. Not sure if this is valid today as much, since tickets and t-shirts are the only way for acts to make money.

Michael Jackson?

Well hoi, I think it has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that his death was faked, and he is definitely a master of disguise as seen in the photo below. If there was any ONE individual with enough power and money to 0;attack the system”, it would be him. I’m guessing his hatred of the media could be a motivator and if there’s any truth to the theory, perhaps there are other individuals behind the scenes working with him.

via THE DERAILING ROOM • Cluesforum.info.

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  1. anonjedi2

    Hey Tim,

    The “smoking gun” of the Jackson death hoax is the funeral (shot in high definition). There are so many inconsistencies in the background from one shot to the next and Jackson seems to have left a very long trail of clues behind for his fans to figure out. “This Is It” also has a lot of clues in it as well. The entire thing is a theater production, directed by Jackson himself. It’s quite brilliant really. The folks over at www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.co… have been investigating it thoroughly since he died a few years ago and they have pretty much snuffed most of it out. I was a contributor on that site for a few months while investigating for myself. It’s the cluesforum of Michael Jackson information if you’re interested. Warning though, it’s a rabbit hole that goes deep and takes months to sift through. 🙂

    In other news, I wanted to ask you about something (unrelated), but not sure how to e-mail you. I’d love your thoughts on this: thesantosrepublic.com/2011/12/…

    1. anonjedi2

      P.S. I should have mentioned that it’s not necessarily psyop/fakery related but definitely entails the aspect of deception.

    2. ab Post author

      Thanks for the MJ stuff. I am reviewing the video you linked to. Fits the model of fakery perfectly. Will check the other thing eventually.


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