Nuclear relief

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nukejapanIll-prepared for nuclear accidents | Opinion | The Japan Times.

Did I mention how wonderful it is knowing that there is no such thing as nuclear radiation? The only radiation you should worry about is Apollo, the big yellow ball in the sky. Stay out of it at high noon.

Another article with the usual signifying . If they do start using different codes, someone be sure to tip me off. I hate to miss a good prank.


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3 thoughts on “Nuclear relief

  1. ab Post author

    I am saying there isn’t any good evidence that they do. Understanding all the mystery and machinations around them since they were “invented” can be best explained by them being a myth.

  2. tsisageya

    You’re fucking with me, right? Don’t answer. Israel is the only country in the middle east that has the OK for nuclear bombs (from whom comes this approval?)?

    So you’re saying that nuclear bombs don’t exist?

  3. Blue Moon

    Putting aside the debate about the existence/non-existence of radioactive materials I’d like to share an opinion (based on the premise that nuclear power is real) as to why the nuclear power industry exists – It is a stagnant industry in the west as for about 40 years there have been no real increases in plant numbers, just the occasional replacement facility- It is also completely controlled, though somewhat discreetly, by the military so no need to worry about profits- Its implied function is to provide a fail-safe source of power should something go wrong with the power elite’s hold on the oil industry- Or so it would seem- However, I believe it is primarily a tool to manipulate oil prices- Should any significant loss of power hit the US, for example, people would default to survival tactics rather than stay in their comfortable stupor- The powers that be want the governed to remain blissed out so they use nuclear power to keep that portion of the grid lit (a little less than 20%) so that no one suffers any actual outages while they stage their oil shortage games which rationalize the subsequent bumps in gas pump prices and shipping costs and all the other cascading effects on the sheeple’s pocketbooks-
    I also believe that the bombing of power plants in the middle east is not to retard the making of nuclear weapons (an elaborate propaganda device that exists largely on paper and in parts warehouses to justify ever increasing appropriations from Congress) but to keep the middle east pawns pumping the black gold rather than look for energy alternatives that might get these war mongers off their backs in their insane pursuit of oil- The only significant nuclear expansion is going on in China’s sphere of influence of which Japan is an abused pawn in the struggles that are increasing between the west and China- The west has cock-blocked China on oil purchases for a while now and they are going in big on the economically deadly nuclear alternative that the elites now struggle to control-
    I know the above is antithetical to the nuclear myth position but nuclear power/weapons have been used primarily as a psychological tool which is a concept where we appear to share some common ground-

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