The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Dennis Cimino

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This audio on Fetzer was worth listening to. One of the few guests that can keep Jim quiet and listening (but perhaps not hearing).

Really enjoyed Dennis, and happy to hear he considers Sandy and Boston both hoaxes without victims. Why then doesn’t he extend this logic to 9/11, JFK, and the many celebutard deaths?

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1 thought on “The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Dennis Cimino

  1. NetworkStevo

    Sounds like Fetzer is mostly convinced these events were fake. On a later date on his list of pods, he was on another show, shouting loudly about no kids dying in Sandy Hook.

    How much is really controlled opposition to the “everything is CGI” crew? Everyone who doesn’t think that all of Boston was created on a computer? No one seems to object to this hypothesis on the cluesforum.

    I think if there is controlled opposition among people who think these events are faked, I just mentioned them. But I don’t think there is nearly as much “controlled Op” as people claim, especially among people this far from the mainstream who couldn’t care less what we say.

    So new to snapping out of two party idiocy, and now you know everything is CGI? Controlled Operato? Might want to step back and reevaluate.


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