Fukushima results are in

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Good news! No more people than normal got sick and died from cancer from the media hoax! It’s as if it didn’t happen!japan

Officially, it’s because of the urban land clear, getting all those poor souls out of harm’s way.

The evacuation of tens of thousands of people helped prevent rising cancer rates and other health problems after Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, the world’s worst in 25 years, U.N. scientists said on Friday.

via No rise in cancer seen from Japan’s nuclear disaster: U.N. – Yahoo! News.

Sorry to say we may have had some increased incidents of thyroid cancer at Chernobyl. Could it have had anything to do with the mega dose of iodine people we administered, which is of course to protect against 0;radiation”.

People always seem to get sicker from the cure than the 0;cause”. How could that be?

Article with magic highlighted.

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1 thought on “Fukushima results are in

  1. elbuggo

    Chernobyl is simply a gigantic scare. Incidences of Thyroid cancer is due to the screening effect – if you look for something, you will find it. Please read this very excellent article by the very excellent Zbigniew Jaworowski:

    Observations on Chernobyl After 25 Years of Radiophobia



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