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Ep43-More 9/11 stories

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audio_mp3_button ep43-9.11 stories by Sami

Showtime: June 1, 2013 9:11pm EDT

Guest Sami tells us his 9/11 story.

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Missing Jean Stapleton or Edith on All In The Family (proof that TV can control our emotions and social conscious). This song is hypnotic.

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NASA hoax standup

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A pretty fascinating video of an alleged NASA animator talking “truth”. He’s the alleged voice of the character known as Stephen Hawking.

Flat earth conspiracy wikileaks nasa – YouTube.

h/t Aaron Johnson

Michael Jackson Death Media Hoax Movie

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Well worth the watch. I’ve assembled all the 14 parts into a playlist.

Michael Jackson Death Media Hoax Playlist YouTube

The author makes a very convincing case that MJ faked his death. The motivation isn’t completely clear, but it could be that he was bucking up against his controllers, knowing the huge power he had acquired as a pop icon. They may have decided to fight back, using child molestation charges to ruin him. His response was to fake his own death, with an eye to return in 4 years (which means the end of this month) and do the “reveal”.

There is a thread on CF, of course The Michael Jackson family • Cluesforum.info

In this thread The Michael Jackson family • Cluesforum.info, Hoi makes a fascinating comment, filled with insight into the whole hoaxing business.

I think this is actually very plausible. Much more plausible than everyone working in concert to the same intended goals.

In my inexperienced opinion, people work from different angles, with different emotions, using different intellectual motivations, but taken as a whole exert a force together in a particular direction. Even people who think they are ‘controlling’ these things know to keep their mouths shut about it because just telling people they are observed doing something often makes them do something else, changes the variables, and so on.

My sense is that they actually very carefully monitor the public awareness of the simplest little (but commonly unknown) observations, and if they notice human wisdom and curiosity picking up on a pattern they want to keep hidden (and thus in their control), they start the campaign to scramble the issue, release evidence to the contrary and hold tighter to their other secret observations of control while they hope people get confused or forget or give up on the observation that nearly got exposed.

If an observation is exposed, they pretend they intended to show this all along, step aside and bitterly applaud the discovery, smug in their sense that they still have other observations of humanity that remain exclusive. They may even continue to work to ‘undo’ the knowledge as demonstrated by the radio pundits who shout absurdities and force bizarre new meanings on words 24/7. Probably meanings told to them or suggested to them by their trusted friends who have really got their radio pundit ‘friends’ by the balls, intellectually speaking. You’ll notice most shock jocks are actually morons who love to hear their own voice and think they are the smartest creature alive.

To me, the idea of a Great Conspiracy is an illusion. It is just a few people doing careful observation of human behavior, nudging things here or there based on their exclusive insights and opportunities for deception, and letting humanity’s observed patterns do their work for them.

Just because law enforcement, the government, Hollywood and the populace may all disagree politically or intellectually doesn’t mean any of them knows how to control the machine or aren’t inadvertently working to the same end. Controlling the end — or more like “steering” toward it, probably — comes from Public Relations research, media control and other massive population information that can only be gained from patient efforts (and technologies) of observation.

Catholic confessions are an early form of the information gathering effort. CCTV cameras observing average human behavior are part of it, and are far more important than their use as ‘catching crimes’ or whatever nonsense reason they give for having them in every nook and cranny. Some aspects of the Internet are obviously a part of it. A lot of these pipelines end up staying in certain circles. It’s a natural part of humanity to act secretive, gossip and so on; it’s just not that many people pay as close attention, take as many notes, keep their thoughts as to themselves and to a trusted cadre, as coldly manipulate people from these observations, etc. – as the “elite”.

So my guess is most of this “elite” isn’t really hiding. Maybe some are on islands most of the year. But maybe a lot of them are just genuinely political people, genuinely smart people, genuinely religious people, some rich, some not-so-rich, some powerful, some not-so-powerful, all with a creepy fascination or obsession with controlling all people and many telling themselves very odd allegories in their heads to justify their behavior. Probably, some of these allegories are passed down to each other from Masonic-kinda groups. Again, just my opinion, but this is why I think it’s conceivable Michael Jackson could be “behind the scenes”, and could fail or succeed in his efforts. Depending on his moves, so to speak. Depending on whether he is seduced by the power or keeps his eyes on the prize of human freedom.

English: Michael Jackson at the Cannes film fe...

English: Michael Jackson at the Cannes film festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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