The man behind the curtain

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…is wearing no clothes. A good article to consider.

The hidden thought embedded in most discussions of conspiracy theories is this:

The world is being controlled by evil people. So, if we can get rid of them, the world can revert to control by good people, and things will be great again.

This thought is false. The world is not controlled by any group of people – evil or good – and it will not be. The world is a large, chaotic mess. Those groups which do exert some control are merely larger pieces in the global mix.

via The Real Problem with Conspiracy Theories | Freeman’s Perspective.

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5 thoughts on “The man behind the curtain

  1. Blue Moon

    This is the problem with conspiracy “theorizing”- These narratives need an ending as a mystery needs a solution or a joke needs a punch line, or in this case, the absence of a solution is the solution itself- Discernible facts with no context are brought down to the level of fiction where agendas thrive- Anything is possible/Nothing is knowable at work here-

  2. Jan Erik

    This is the worst case of doublethink i have read ever!
    To understand the world one need to see the world from the mindset of the owner class.
    Obviously written by a mind inn deep denial of the state of the system.

    We live inn a system constructed by people who know how our minds work.
    Its a art to keep 99% of population inn servitude.

  3. Raoul

    In my opinion the article is self-contradicting and makes no sense.

    His “expert” source (an intelligence analyst) tells him that no one really knows what is going on in the world yet the author proceeds to tell us what is going on in the world anyway.

    “The world is not controlled by any group of people – evil or good – and it will not be, “ proclaims the author.

    How could the author know this if, as his source claims, no one knows what is going on in the world and no one can see the big picture?

    This obvious contradiction permeates the entire article.

  4. aj

    I disagree with the author. I believe the world is being controlled to a large extent. I looked up the word control and here a few definitions, “to hold in check,” “to eliminate or prevent the flourishing or spreading of.” So according to these definitions the question then becomes are people being controlled worldwide by a group of people? Well, given chemtrails, media manipulation, unjust laws, food and water contamination, and man made non-natural disasters I would have say “of course!” Maybe the author believes each of these circumstances are unrelated, but I don’t.
    Also, I never liked the term conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorist.They are lazy terms people use to label others or situations without doing any digging or homework of their own. Those who have been called a conspiracy theorist probably know what I mean.

  5. Gabriel

    I do not agree with the premise of the article. I believe the world is controlled by evil, immoral people. Those people took down the towers and then subsequently sent Americans and troops from many countries to kill innocent people in foreign countries. There were no Muslim extremists. We are having this discussion because we know that was wrong. Normal good people that I know would never, ever intentionally hurt another person. I think that article was probably written by someone that works for the perps. He suggests we take no action because the enemy is undefined in this chaotic world. No, its evident crimes of humanity can be clearly seen. Start with the Bush’s and Cheney’s and I suspect they will lead us to the real perps. They like Obama are just puppets. They are the unintelligent useless actor eaters.

    No, I do not want to return to some assumed great past. We don’t need to go backward. We have the technology, capability, and will to make a great place. There is no need for war, hunger, suffering. We as a humanity fail if we cannot take care of each other. I could write so much about what I would change. What I can see clearly is that what we have right now is unacceptable.

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