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More C-movie scripting

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The terror mythmakers even created a magazine to reinforce their stories! The psyOp budget is off that chart.

The online English-language al-Qaeda magazine Inspire, which once printed instructions for building a pressure-cooker bomb, has published a special edition that attempts to take credit for motivating the Boston bombers and warns the West of more “Lone Wolf” terrorist attacks.

via Al-Qaeda magazine warns of more ‘lone-wolf’ attacks.

h/t No Agenda podcast

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Another cancer, another actor

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Coincidence or suspicious? First Angelina Jolie, now Michael Douglas using their celebutard status to promote awareness and discussion. I seem to recall that Michael Douglas attributed his cancer to smoking back at the time of diagnosis. Now we have a new reason.

Actor Michael Douglas’ comments about throat cancer and oral sex have thrown a spotlight on a form of cancer that’s a growing cause for concern.

via Throat cancer linked to HPV: Western world’s fastest emerging cancer | CTV News.

While I am all for promotion of public health, the manipulation of people through their false idols leaves a bad taste in my mouth — and apparently his too.



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