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$tatin Nation; The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up Documentary

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Two researchers, and one emerges as the winning idea. Similar to the video tape battle between VHS and Beta, the best option did not dominate and control.

The result is 40 million Americans taking cholesterol drugs that may be hurting instead of harming. Nothing new there!

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PsyOps are leading to suicide

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One can hardly read any story (negative one, anyway) without referencing a fake event. Do you see now why our working exposing media fakery is so important?

We can save lives! Spread the word! Turn off the media and live life! Go for a walk! Talk to your neighbor!

The sun will shine again!

Exacerbating boomers’ anxiety is a sense that the world is more treacherous than when they were young, he said. Then, the communist threat and the atom bomb loomed large, but they were distant and abstract; attacks like the ones on the World Trade Center and the Boston Marathon have changed this paradigm.

“These events used to happen 6,000 miles away; now they happen here,” Arbore said.

via Baby boomers are killing themselves at an alarming rate. Why? | Toronto Star.

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