We can't get out of our atmosphere

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Once more, Simon illustrates in simple language why rockets won’t work in space.

In one lovely post, the entire space program can be stricken from history in my mind. Same goes for all those privately launched satellites.

Rewind all that history back to 1902!
How droll. Here we are, seemingly entertaining a heated debate – while we’re all cool about the fundamental implications of it: NO space travel is possible. It’s a bit the reverse situation of those funny scientists in 0;A Trip To The Moon” (1902) who first quarreled vigorously with each other – only to eventually nicely collaborate to build their moongoing spaceship…


3 thoughts on “We can't get out of our atmosphere

  1. tsisageya

    (I do have a couple of questions but I don’t want to sign up over there. I wouldn’t be able to abide by the comment regulations, I suspect.)

  2. tsisageya

    Just when i think I can’t get hit upside the head anymore, I get hit upside the head. This seems like something by which the earth turns. Boethius seems awesome to me but I also appreciate the argument/discussion. Thanks, guys.


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