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As a former fifth grader, I’m always glad when someone can simplify and cut through the bullsh*t.

Having done some further homework on this matter, I will now expound what is possibly the main reason why is constantly lying to us about their space exploits. No, I do not claim to be a rocket scientist – far from it – but I have come to a personal conclusion that it is physically impossible for any man-made rocket to be propelled in the (near)vacuum of outer space. 

Although I will intentionally illustrate this conclusion in very simplified manner, hopefully accessible even to a 5th grader, I trust that anyone with any higher degree of qualifications will at least appreciate the sound logic of my layman’s reasoning. To be sure, only NASA has large enough vacuum chambers to perform any sort of experimental verification of what I’m about to contend. So with no further ado, let me start off by reminding everyone just what tremendously powerful and seemingly ‘magical’ forces vacuum can ‘produce’ here in our Earth’s atmosphere. 

Why Rocketry Doesn’t Work in the Vacuum • Cluesforum.info.

Do we now have a whole generation or two of students of NASA’s lies and deceit to try and convince of these very simple facts?

I really wonder if and when this huge hoax is revealed or realized by the masses, what young minds will be able to come up with when it comes to space and how it works. It will be like starting from a blank slate, since the last 100 years (or more) can be written off.


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