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Michael Jackson death hoax injects Paris?

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Not sure I think MJ is pulling this one over on the media. I do believe be is complicit with the media, however.

Here’s a MJ death hoax blog:

Weeeeeee history repeats. Paris Jackson allegedly tries to commit suicide and the death hoax community reels. Feels just like Dave Dave. This is the biggest thing that’s happened since Breaking News broke. And to think just two days ago I was complaining that this trial stuff was boring. Emails shmemails, snooze fest.


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Meat cleaver month

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There must be more to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax story, as his “daughter”, perhaps played by an actress, is now top of the headlines news. As you may recall, the Woolwich “beheading” employed a meat cleaver as its principle weapon of fear.

As we reported, Paris has been surrounded by loved ones since she was rushed to the hospital for slashing herself with a meat cleaver and downing a bunch of Motrin. Last night, La Toya Jackson and Paris’ birth mother Debbie Rowe paid her a visit.

via Tito Jackson — Paris Jackson ‘Suicide Attempt’ Won’t Shake Us | TMZ.com.

As part of the reinforcement of psyOps, they are intertwined for maximum psychic driving. This is called cross-reinforcement, and it works. This is a war on your subconscious, and it is insidious as it is effective.

h/t Banazir

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9/11 in a nutshell

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There aren’t too many commenters outside of cluesforum.info that properly understand the 9/11 psyop, but when I see them, I like to hilight them.

Andy Tyme is one of them. Apparently he also listens to Fetzer regularly.

English: wtc

English: wtc (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Under the leadership of their respective founders, Simon Shack and Phil Jayhan, these (unfortunately enmeshed in bitter rivalry) treasure troves of alternate-history discovery have, collectively, amassed some very persuasive evidence that what the public saw and heard, via the corporate media on 9/11, was actually a high-tech, yet imperfectly rehearsed and prepped, TERROR DRILL, simulated for mass consumption via Hollywood-quality CGI, latest-generation Photoshop and a troupe of role-playing “crisis actors”.

Yes, the heavily insured, aesbestos-filled towers were indeed destroyed that day, to the mad delight and eventual profit of a mostly ethnically homogeneous cabal of wicked financial mavens and bloodthirsty warmongers, many of whose names we know all too well. But the demolitions were not done by crazed airborne Muslims, and not in the bizarrely top-down, wildly explosive, sci-fi manner depicted in the fraudulent-but-mesmerizing, airplane-crashing/towers-collapsing videos the major networks were obligated to run (in place of genuine live coverage) while the conventional demolitions took place (under a massive smoke screen) in a mostly evacuated Lower Manhattan.

Whatever the true death count was, after the smoke cleared and the incriminating (mostly furniture-and-fixture-free) rubble pile was hurriedly hauled out of sight, it now appears to have been grossly exaggerated even to reach the final figure of just under three thousand. Social Security numbers, verifiable birth and death certificates, authentic school and marriage records, property-tax assessments, real-estate deeds and mortgage/transfer documents for a distressingly large portion of the names on the 9/11 Victim List, both from the “planes” and from the towers, simply do not exist, and comparably suspicious is the astoundingly even distribution of NYFD “losses” from engine companies and fire stations all across NYC — rather than being concentrated within those few close-knit entourages who supposedly arrived earliest and were either inside or immediately adjacent to the towers when they exploded.

 The “Let’s Roll” researchers have done their best work compiling evidence demonstrating that by the end of the 1990s the WTC towers were mostly vacant shells, populated by “ghost workers” for a handful of giant financial/brokerage firms whose actual business was high-frequency traded from remote locations. Observation-deck tourism, “Windows on the World” restaurant trade, and TV-tower transmission functions did go on at the very top floors, while the commuter-train and retail-shop traffic at ground levels added to the illusion that the WTC was still a densely populated “city within a city”.

The “Clues Forum” investigators’ work, while it does overlap with that of the aforementioned forum, is at its strongest point where it exposes the blatant use of face-morphing software, cut-and-paste image recycling, and algorhthmical name generation — in the construction of a mostly bogus, CNN-maintained “9/11 Memorial” website that has also been mirrored elsewhere and now has a stately, hard-copy home at the site of Manhattan’s new 9/11 Shrine. Another major investigative accomplishment of the Clues sleuths is their brilliant deconstruction of the intricate photo and video fakery that successfully implanted, in the hearts and minds of a psyop-shocked public, a massively falsified vision of “hijacked planes” (whose flight data is thoroughly contradicted by the venerable BTS database plus Newtonian physics) and “structural collapses” (impossibly instigated by kerosene fires) that would swiftly “justify” a ghastly acceleration in the (already underway) transformation of the USA into a warmongering, surveillance-besotted, modern version of Nazi Germany.

via The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Allan Weisbecker.

If you see a good comment somewhere, drop us a line at ab @ abirato.info. We’ll be happy to point them out.

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