Meat cleaver month

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There must be more to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax story, as his “daughter”, perhaps played by an actress, is now top of the headlines news. As you may recall, the Woolwich “beheading” employed a meat cleaver as its principle weapon of fear.

As we reported, Paris has been surrounded by loved ones since she was rushed to the hospital for slashing herself with a meat cleaver and downing a bunch of Motrin. Last night, La Toya Jackson and Paris’ birth mother Debbie Rowe paid her a visit.

via Tito Jackson — Paris Jackson ‘Suicide Attempt’ Won’t Shake Us |

As part of the reinforcement of psyOps, they are intertwined for maximum psychic driving. This is called cross-reinforcement, and it works. This is a war on your subconscious, and it is insidious as it is effective.

h/t Banazir

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