Meat cleaver month

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There must be more to the story, as his 0;daughter”, perhaps played by an actress, is now top of the headlines news. As you may recall, the Woolwich “beheading” employed a meat cleaver as its principle weapon of fear.

As we reported, Paris has been surrounded by loved ones since she was rushed to the hospital for slashing herself with a meat cleaver and downing a bunch of Motrin. Last night, La Toya Jackson and Paris’ birth mother Debbie Rowe paid her a visit.

via Tito Jackson — Paris Jackson ‘Suicide Attempt’ Won’t Shake Us |

As part of the reinforcement of psyOps, they are intertwined for maximum psychic driving. This is called cross-reinforcement, and it works. This is a war on your subconscious, and it is insidious as it is effective.

h/t Banazir

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