Michael Jackson death hoax injects Paris?

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Not sure I think MJ is pulling this one over on the media. I do believe be is complicit with the media, however.

Here’s a MJ death hoax blog:

Weeeeeee history repeats. Paris Jackson allegedly tries to commit suicide and the death hoax community reels. Feels just like Dave Dave. This is the biggest thing that’s happened since Breaking News broke. And to think just two days ago I was complaining that this trial stuff was boring. Emails shmemails, snooze fest.


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4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson death hoax injects Paris?

  1. aj

    Yeah Paris does look a little different but I’m over the whole Jackson family. They’re part of the fakery. I wonder what will come out of this story. Maybe the Jacksons will ask for donations to help them pay for Paris’ hospital bills or something silly like that.

    1. Carmen

      Actually, the reason Paris tried to commit suicide is because she found out that Michael isn’t her biological father and that her and Prince aren’t full siblings. Prince was diagnosed with vitiligo(the same skin disorder Michael has), and that comes from Joe’s side of the family(his aunt had it too), so Prince is Michael’s son. Blanket(Prince Michael II) had a DNA test on him and it proved Michael is his biological father.

      1. ab Post author

        I doubt any of that … the whole children story is likely a hoax as well, a complete distraction. All of Michael Jackson is a work of fiction, with very little real.


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