3 Missing Toronto (Gay) Men

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Another day, another potentially phony story. Fuzzy pictures, photoshop errors, no real here, aside from the trilogy 0;3”. So what’s the point? A listener pointed out it’s because Toronto hosts a big “gay” event, so this is a tailor made fear hoax to intimidate the gay community. Commenting on too many details of the story is fruitless, so for now I’ll just wait and watch as the story is revealed.

Police probing cases of 3 missing men from Church and Wellesley | CTV Toronto News.

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1 thought on “3 Missing Toronto (Gay) Men

  1. Blue Moon

    In the pre Gay Lib days there was a phrase for phony: “Queer as a three dollar bill”- Out here in the gay Mecca of Frisco a story like this will drop from time to time a few days before a big gay event like the Pride Parade, Halloween, Folsom Street fair, etc. These stories are designed to spook the gay tourists from the mid west or smaller cities- The gay locals know, like the African Americans, about these games the Hearst owned media plays-

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