Canada’s NSA building

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Canada is spending its share of money to spy on 0;terrorists”. My guess is that they’ll be spying on you and me.

Although I have little doubt that this is a real building being built with our real tax dollars, it is interesting to note all the occultic in the article. I wonder if the shape of the building, a pyramid, is another tribute to our favorite symbolism.canada spy


The building is brand new and as big as a football stadium. But at a cost of $880 million, are the new digs for the country’s secretive cryptology agency a good deal for taxpayers?

…Professor David Skillicorn from Queen’s University School of Computing said protecting the country from terrorist attacks doesn’t have a price.

Ab: Yes, but protecting the country from fake attacks does have a price: $0.

He said Canada is the world leader in the collection of electromagnetic intelligence, and it needs to stay at the forefront of technological developments to keep its secrets and guard those of its friends.

Canada is a member of the “Five Eyes” alliance — five countries that share intelligence to combat those looking to steal it. Much of the data and sensitive information collected by Canada is offered to its Five Eyes partners — the U.S., the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

via Sun News : Our federal information spies are getting new $880M digs, being built at a time of austerity with little public knowledge.

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