Look into the PRISM

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Recently, Ontarians were told that the incriminating emails surrounding the gas plant fraud were deleted, never to be returned from the digital aether. Turns out, they could just call down to the NSA and retrieve them.

Thinking people know that. Our military owned press, apparently, do not.

In the high-strung years after 9/11, I’m reminded of a joke that would accompany many e-mails that crossed my screen touching on terrorism – and in those years, there were quite a few of them. At the end of the e-mail, we’d add “Hello, John Ashcroft!,” on the premise that America’s intelligence agencies were scanning every e-mail in the world and sending them to the attorney-genera l’s desk for review. We wanted him to feel at home in our mail.

via Washington knows what you do online – and Canadians aren’t above it – The Globe and Mail.

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1 thought on “Look into the PRISM

  1. tsisageya

    Not to get all religious up in here but this puts me in mind of the second psalm.

    Why do the nations rage
    And the people plot a vain thing?

    The Lord sits in the heavens and laughs.


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