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I’m not religious in any way, but I do think there is much good in the what we consider religious. Worshiping false idols is one concept that I agree is wrong.

Here are two stories of public figure 0;idols” doing “courageous” things. Both stories include everyday good deeds that pretty much anyone would do if they were placed in the situation.

The timing of both stories is suspect, if they are even true.

John Malkovich a hero in Toronto Actor credited with saving tourist

via John Malkovich a hero in Toronto.

Prince Harry ‘Saves’ Gay Soldier | Allie is Wired

A fellow soldier who worked alongside the royal is being hailed as a hero. Trooper James Wharton penned “Out In The Army” which details his life in the military as an openly gay man. In the tome, James recalls Harry’s actions when several of his fellow comrades threatened to beat him until he stopped breathing thanks to his sexual preferences.

h/t Banazir

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3 thoughts on “Idolatry

  1. Blue Moon

    There’s precedent for black radical types inverting over a relatively short period of time that seems like a well-planned process- The daddy of all black bad asses, Eldridge Cleaver, a man facing all kinds of trouble in the sixties after penning Soul on Ice and being the highest profile member of the Black Panther Party, began converting to ultra conservative wife beating Christian icon through venues like William F Buckley’s Firing Line where he got every chance to show that it was wrong to diss The Man- His template suggests that all of these long winded “revolutionaries” are vacuum cleaners, designed to suck the discontented into dead end efforts-
    In recent years an individual named Tracy Marrow, better known to the garbage culture as the rapper/actor Ice T, has gone from bad ass rapper slinging shit like “Cop Killer” to playing a cop(!) on one of those long running Big Brother forensics shows, CSI: Whatever- His CV reads like he started at a young age as a police/government informant and infiltrator-
    Real radicals never get a forum for their rage unless as manufactured malcontents- The movements and scenes form around such shills and then slowly erode after a few staged government interventions and plenty of disinformation- The other Ice (Cube) makes family friendly films these days and remains a good celebrity for kids to admire- Tupac is just all kinds of shot dead-

  2. banazir2980

    Thats another good point aj. I wonder how real all those rapper gang deaths are? 2pac and the like. I couldn’t name too many rappers I’m afraid!

  3. aj

    The first link didn’t show anything when I clicked it. The second one was a little interesting. I know nothing about Prince Harry or any other so-called royalty but given all the fake stories floating around, I can see this one being fake as well.

    I’m into rap music and this Prince Harry story reminds me of a time a few years back when a rap star by the name of T.I. supposedly convinced a suicidal man not to jump from a building. I remember thinking, this story sounds fishy as hell but I didn’t look too deep into it. The timing of it was so perfect. T.I. had got caught with a whooole lot of illegal guns and ammunition and was set to do prison time. Well, a little after he got caught, his gangster rap image disappeared and he started a reality show helping troubled youth. His music became more positive and pop sounding, and then to top it all off, he saves the life of someone in his hometown who was ready to jump off a building. I’d bet money it was a fake story. Anyways, things turned out ok for T.I. Instead of doing 30+ years in the pen, he got off with only serving 1 year and probation.

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