Crises are the main change agent

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Forget consensus. The only way to move people and pass laws is to manufacture a good fake media event.

The author has some great points, although I don’t think he’s on board with complete .

Crisis is a high-octane change agent in individual lives, society and history, dwarfing most other drivers. When I interviewed him in his home in California in the early 1970s, sociologist and futurist Richard Farson told me: “Most people believe they learn from their mistakes. That’s seldom true. It’s more true that people learn from their successes. But what causes people to learn the most by far, in a way that actually changes their behaviours, is crisis.”

He mentioned bankruptcy, divorce and life threatening illness. Later, in his 2003 book, Whoever Makes the Most Mistakes Wins, he writes: “As with individuals, sometimes crisis is the only thing that can move organizations. […] Paradoxically, adversity and upheaval can be far more powerful agents of change than planning and consultants. […] The lesson for managers, obviously, is not to arrange calamities, but to recognize that calamities, when they do occur, can be opportunities for significant and needed change.”

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