William (Bill) Cooper

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Whether you think Cooper was controlled or not, he did have an interesting radio program.

Hour of the Time » Complete Cooper MP3 Collection.

Most audios seem to be missing from the above site, so below you will find a convenient link to get the whole collection:

Torrent link

Would anyone be interested in listening to his audios on a streaming server? If so, I may set up a backup stream. If someone knows if this may not be allowable, leave me a comment.

5 thoughts on “William (Bill) Cooper

  1. ab Post author

    I agree that actors and sim technology have been used all along, long before the mammoth showcase that we know as the vicsims of 9/11. The removal of these simActors from the stage, via firefight or helicopter crash, are always without detail or explanation.

  2. ab Post author

    I forgot about the UFO aspect of him. I haven’t listened to most of his stuff, nor have I read his book. Along with the above comments, it seems like it probably isn’t worth investing too much time and effort into his archives.

    I strongly do not believe in the alien angle, nor do I believe in the meme that the military is 50 years ahead in technology. I believe the money allocated to military is simply redistributed (stolen) to the PIPs.

  3. aj

    I don’t know anything about the back up streaming server stuff but as far as Bill Cooper, I believe he was controlled opposition. He was one of the best though. He fooled lots of people, including myself. He claimed that the reason they killed JFK was because he was going to reveal that extraterrestrials were in the process of taking over the earth. And of course he was allegedly killed in dramatic fashion while engaging in a shoot-out with the police. His book “Behold A Pale Horse” was a classic fearmongering piece of literature. I bought the book but was so afraid I could only read about half of it. He really was one of the better controlled opposition agents of our time. Very convincing.

    1. Hoi Polloi

      I agree with your assessment. It is still controversial for some seekers of truth because he fed into a very negative but very strong emotional state that helped to sort of wake people up. But after all it was just fear and controlled “opposition” (if you can call talking about a lot of the hoaxes as if they are real even anything close to “opposition” to the propaganda and fearmongering). Entertainment, but not truth.

      Now this is JUST speculation. I think he could have just been an actor. But I think an early video speech of his actually looks as though he were vaguely an experiment in simulation. Odd looking audience. I wonder if Cooper was shot elsewhere and then pasted? It doesn’t feel like multi cameras, but perhaps I am wrong. Is this genuinely filthy quality or is there a “Remaster” of it for a reason?


      In his Sedona speech, he focuses on (and is constantly standing in front of) a television. Occasionally his audiences look a little out of place. I could be wrong. There are many ways to hoax the skinning of a cat.

      1. aj

        I agree with Hoi Polloi. The quality of the video in the link is likely poor on purpose and the audience looks like they were pasted in. And as I scanned through the video it really did seem like he was just an actor reading his lines. He doesn’t seem to believable anymore.

        As far as what ab said regarding UFOs, I am not sure what to make of them. Are they real or not? I used to think for sure they’re real but now I’m not sure. I know someone who told me she was driving through Nevada with her son and they both saw a UFO. And it seems that many alleged UFO sightings happen in desert areas. At least that seems to be the case here in the states. What could all of these people be seeing? Holographic images?


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