9/11: How can so many people keep a secret?

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One of the most common questions about and any other big is how could so many people keep quiet? The main reason is that it’s a military intelligence operation. Here’s an expansion of that concept from I Gestalta:

Such matters as discretion and confidentiality permeate many aspects of the day-to-day lives of quite a wealth of people: the military, various intelligence institutions, the police force, doctor-patient privilege, etc. 

The thesis is, 0;too many people are involved for there not to have been a leak, or some manner of internal subterfuge”. Really? Let’s think about this in very simplistic terms, shall we?

A good starting point for mounting a counter-argument against this knee-jerk defense mechanism would be to cross-compare the implications of such a conclusion with what can be referred to as a “known” or “accepted” “conspiracy”. For instance, the effectiveness of a military campaign—be it clandestine or not—heavily depends upon the efficiency and fidelity of the chain of command. “Chain of command” implies “discipline”, and “discipline” typically implies “conviction” or “belief”. The reason the military is able to function as effectively as it does is due to these core ideals supporting it as the very foundation of each echelon of its infrastructure. 

Those residing nearest the lower rungs of the ladder are, quite obviously, not going to be privy to the nitty-gritty details and the synthesizing of a tactical campaign, because, why risk it? All they need to know is that what they’re doing is in the best interest of their country, its ideals and its population. 

The common assumption implied by the “too many people” paradigm is that, in order for such a campaign to be successful, all participants must be aware of the true intentions of those entrenched in the staging and development process. 

If the “too many people” concept were at all valid, then it stands to reason that pretty much no covert/surprise attack conducted by the military could possibly work, ever; and that is preposterous. All that matters is that everyone believes in what they’re doing, in whatever capacity they are involved. 

Like all hierarchies, be it a cult/mystery religion/secret society, the military or even the freaking CIA (what’s the difference?!), the more involved you become, and the more groomed by and desensitized to its operational tenets you are, the less likely you are to violate its codes and dogmas; and this is because of a massive amount of psychological conditioning which leads one to conclude that, say, shooting some Arab with an M-16 is making America safe from terrorists. 

Why aren’t celebritys’ psychologists all over television giving the scoop on their personal lives? 

Why did a cop, who stopped by my apartment the other night while I was enjoying a smoke on the porch, proceed to ask me all kinds of questions about my upstairs neighbors, but refused to comment when I asked him if I should be concerned with any criminal activity? 

Why won’t my parents (former intelligence) talk about even the dumbest little details about what they really did in the military? 

This is a very basic breakdown of my thoughts on the “too many people” idea, but I think this line of thinking is quite rational in some respects. While a military attack and a media are not exactly 100% analogous, the operational parallels which exist between them are undeniable. 

Lastly, money is another great motivator, and so is a standing death threat.

The Age of Media Fakery: Threshold of the Simulation • Cluesforum.info.

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7 thoughts on “9/11: How can so many people keep a secret?

  1. xileffilex

    I found this comment on a NIST “collapse” offering
    Steve Ward
    4 months ago
    so you know more than
    the experts that testified before the judge congressional committee. So let me guess. You like either the “no planes” theory. Or “Its A Ball” theory. Personally I like the “ball theory. I shows me just how stupid some people can be.
    Now if it is the “no planes” theory. Where did the passengers go? Did the government kill hundreds of people? Some say the passenger lists were fake. You wanna tell those family members that their loved ones are fake or not really missing? So then you would have to say that the family member were in on the conspiracy. While they are trying to find families that would do it. Some people wouldn’t want to be involved. They would run to the nearest tv station and give them one hell of a story. Of course American Airlines and United Airlines would have to be in on the conspiracy too since it is their aircrafts that would be missing or destroyed. And all people and companies interview would stay silent and not leak what the government was doing.
    Is that what you are telling us? Seriously? Do you realize how many people would have to be involved in this? People would have to plant airline parts at 4 different locations at the time of the crash. Including all the family members, air traffic controllers, the Airlines, all the family members, the passengers would have to live secret lives (or the government would have to kill them). My point being hundreds of people would have to be involved. Somebody would leak the information to the press. So no I absolutely do not believe in these conspiracy theories.?

    I love this gatekeeping. Er, yes, that’s how it’s done.
    Actually, how people are sounded out and selected for new life “deaths” is an interesting topic in itself.

  2. Blue Moon

    What I find interesting is the physical appearance of these whistleblowers: Pasty faced, bespectacled white guys with a certain erudition and a preternatural calm even though they are supposedly david with a small “d” up against an all upper case GOLIATH- Manning/Assange/Snowden- Actors called before the public from time to time to play a very similar fake persona , a type of person I wouldn’t think would be all that eager for any kind of revolution- Back in the 60’s you could be easily persuaded that the scary, radically political, black guys from the ghetto really could use a regime change to get racist psychopaths like J Edgar Hoover and Tricky Dick off their backs- But lilly-white nerds? In today’s tech wonderland where they are princes, if not kings? Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame is the template that is always referred to in these tales- I was always a fence sitter about Ellsberg, but no more- The aroma of fakery from this Snowjob rates a perfect four out of four pinched noses-

    1. Andy Tyme

      Well you can jump over that fence by several more yards with this piece of “news,” Blue Moon: news.yahoo.com/ellsberg-no-lea…

      Yup, ol’ Ellsberg now claims that Snowden’s leaking was even more “significant” than Danny Boy’s own Pentagon document heist of forty years ago.

      Are you familiar with the late Colonel Prouty’s take on Ellsberg’s “heroism”? IIRC, it was that the very SELECTIVE leak, to which the New York Times (as the “speaking tube” for America’s Old-Money Establishment) was extremely attentive, served two crucial purposes:

      1. To accelerate the winding-down of the Vietnam debacle.(that had long since served its heroin markets-protecting purpose).

      2. To absolve the CIA (Wall Street Banking’s “enforcement arm”) of blame for the mess by concentrating (via outrage) public attention on the massive lying done by the uniformed military, but only in the period AFTER it had been ordered to take over, from “the Company’s” covert legions, and ramp up the Southeast Asian campaign — to keep the poppies blooming and on their way to market.

      In other words, Ellsberg was a Langley asset, doing the agency’s bidding while posing as a principled whistleblower.

      Historians Kirkpatrick Sale and Carl Oglesby are good sources for an understanding of just why the Old-Money Establishment (whose banks were already addicted to laundering drug dollars from the days when the French controlled the smack routes) decided it was now time to “pull the plug” on Vietnam combat — because of the protracted war’s distortion of the American economy. An alarming “power shift” had developed, reducing the profitability and influence of the Eastern “Yankee” faction (banking/real estate/stock-trading) and boosting the Easterners’ upstart rivals, the “Cowboy” South & Western faction (oil/armaments/aerospace) who were fattening far too fast on the profits of endless defense-contracting.

      Obama’s recent “End of the War on Terror” speech may, IMHO, signal a modern-day version of deep politics faction-shifting at work, and the eruption of the recent spate of media-hyped “scandals” are but surface symptoms that are ripe for decoding.

      1. Blue Moon

        Andy Tyme-I’m familiar with a lot of Prouty’s work, as well as the Yankee/Cowboy thesis-I hadn’t known his take on Ellsberg, however, so thanks- I was recently re-listening to Mae Brussell’s earliest interviews where she was called on to interpret the Pentagon Papers and at the time she seemed to be giving the Times and Ellsberg the benefit of the doubt- In hindsight, whatever she got wrong she still seems sincere, if occasionally bordering on incoherence-
        The Brahmanic factions in New England have been running the “China trade” parallel to the British crown’s industrial grade pushers since the late 18th century- The American flag is essentially the British East India flag- The smooth flow of drugs/weapons/off the books money is the diseased life blood of international finance- Without a healthy heart (at the present time it appears Afghanistan is just that) the circulation of drug dollars gets impeded- The poppies began for America in Turkey and made their way in retail form to China- The Boston upper crust did a lot of early work bringing cash back to the states with their fleets to the point they pondered a treasonous breakaway from the new nation with Aaron Burr at the head- The illicitness of running drugs probably illicited not one batted eye from these people- It’s no surprise to me that at this critical juncture John Forbes Kerry is the Secretary of State- When that territory exhausts itself and we finally pull out I suspect all eyes will turn to Africa for a poppy reboot- It’s about the only area left where this neo colonialism masked as debt slavery development can still play on such a large scale-

  3. aj

    I think this is a good post because it brings up the most common problem people seem to have when dealing with hoaxes, which is the fact that there are too many people involved. The author made some good points. People are sworn to secrecy in certain fields such as the military and are led to believe that what they are doing is necessary or beneficial in the long run. The part that is hard for us all to wrap our heads around is how so many people could have such low character and be willing to trick and manipulate us? Even i can’t understand that. Surely they realize what they’re doing is wrong, don’t they? Does anyone have any ideas?

  4. banazir2980

    This is another reason why we get characters like Edward Snowden to show if something sinister was going on a person with great conscience would come forward and reveal all. Nevermind the fact that he is at the bottom…

    1. ab Post author

      Is he a person at all? Where do.they find these actors? The girlfriend story is a distraction of the distraction. Layers of the onion.

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