Superman and 9/11

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Get ready for some more psychic driving in your local propaganda complex known as a movie theatre. You’re getting the treatment and you’re paying for it. Aren’t people tired of the same cities being demolished in the same way by the same superhero? I guess not. Pay attention to the 2013 CGI technology. You’ll probably be seeing it in a media event near you real soon.

When the World Trade towers fell on September 11, 2001, there was one refrain I heard over and over again, a common response that was both automatic and indicting: “It looked like something out of a Michael Bay movie.” More specifically, the explosions and citywide carnage resembled Armageddon, the Bay-directed action vehicle that had come out four summers prior and contained scenes of epic metropolitan mayhem that were still something of a cinematic novelty at the time.

via Hollywood Blockbusters Can’t Stop Evoking 9/11 — Vulture.

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