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I don’t get much support for my thesis that major are fixed due to their crossover into entertainment (and cult-like following of teams), but this latest article doesn’t hurt my case either.

.The Chicago Blackhawks beat the 4-3 last night in triple overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, but it was NBC who really scored.

via Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Ratings Hit 16-Year High.

Still pretty sure that Boston will win in triple overtime in game 7 (in Boston? not following who has home advantage).

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6 thoughts on “What it's all about

  1. JoeyZ

    Tell me how silly I am. I know it’s rigged, but still watched every
    second of the”damn” game – rooting feverishly against the
    “Boston Bauman’s.”

    Takes me back to the days (1973 @ Roosevelt Stadium Jersey City N.J. )
    where, my Dad, brother, and I were yelling/pleading to the ref that
    “Dick The Bulldog Brower” had a foreign-object in his trunks, (wrench)
    and was doing a job on “The Mighty Igor”

  2. samitee

    I used to be a huge sports fan growing up and even worked in the sports industry for a few years. I look back on those days now and wonder how I could have believed in such obvious scripted outcomes and stupid dramatic stories. I cringe at the hours I wasted on such drivel. But Ab, perhaps there’s an opportunity in this. Let’s place some bets on the Bruins and win some money! 😉


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