Staged raid in Toronto

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dixon raidsMore local mini media events here in Toronto: a staged raid, and the details of the raid are filled with and confirmation of what I am convinced is a fake photo.

Dixon Road raids help complete infamous Rob Ford photo | Toronto Star.

The raid was clearly police 0;theater”. I am all for law and order, but this raid was more for show than for stopping crime. Why and how they’ve decided to weave Rob Ford into the story and the fake video and photo is odd.

Another point: how is that in only a few hours they had all the counts: guns, suspects, and the cash counts. How did they manage to count all those 20s and 100 dollar bills (the most likely currency of retail drug users) so quickly? Answer: the are fabricated.

I actually met (in person) someone who is associated with one of the broken into apartments. His story is completely different from what the media has told us. Perhaps he will join us on a future broadcast.


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