4 thoughts on “History of White Slavery

  1. Blue Moon

    My first name is Tyrone and I’m a white Irish-American, but I always wondered why the name Tyrone was so popular with African-American men- I don’t know if the following theory has any merit but the name appears to have been made popular by the exploits of Hugh O’Neill, the first earl of Tyrone- He clashed with the British in the Nine Years War (1594-1603) and nearly broke the hold England had over Ireland-In subsequent times when slavery was imposed on the Irish people, I can only guess that the certain miscegenation that occurred on the new world plantations between white Irish men and black African women produced a number of sons styled Tyrone after one of the greatest of Irish rebels- (There might be other reasons the name entered black culture but nothing comes to mind at the moment)

  2. aj

    Without seeing video footage, it’s hard for me to believe anything these days. So this white slavery thing may be true and may not be true. Who knows.

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