Recycling images for PsyOps

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Good find of a recycled video used in the fertilizer plant a while back in West, Texas.

BREAKING NEWS – SHOCKING MEDIA FRAUD Texas Explossion Never Happened? – YouTube.

h/t Jan Erik

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2 thoughts on “Recycling images for PsyOps

  1. aj

    If this isn’t enough evidence to convince someone of media fraud I don’t know what is. Of course, there’s lots of people who will see this and still won’t believe it.

  2. tsisageya

    Welp, that’s enough for me. I tried looking everything up for myself but, suddenly, it’s all turned to bullshit. It doesn’t matter, though. I thought so anyway. Proof would be nice but I think we’re all beyond that at this time, are we not?

    Bullshit is bullshit.


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