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The essence of doubting the religion of science

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So much of science, or any other belief system, is based on a tiny kernel or seed that took root. Even if the seed is impure, the forest that grows up around it is taken for granted as good and soon you have a huge forest that you cannot remember where it came from. From 9/11 to the dinosaurs to NASA, they all adhere to this basic theme.

And nobody can ever go out and investigate NASA claims around rockets in the vacuum independently of NASA.

Space science is like a cult run by ancient priests who speak to the Gods in private. We’re not supposed to think for ourselves. We only wait until the NASA oracle tells us the great truths divulged only to them. This is not how science, nor modern, information-based, educated society is supposed to function. The goal of education is for us to learn how to figure things out for ourselves; to examine, to evaluate and to reason with the facts and data. What good is that training if, in the end, we can only shut up and believe what we are told with no proof, no solid theory behind it and no way to check the results or repeat their experiments ourselves?

Rocketry is not unique in this regard. Pretty much all the big results in science follow this pattern. Anyone who challenges the status quo is labeled an “idiot” or a “religious nut” which is ironic because science is behaving more and more like a religion based on faith and less and less of a method based on observation.

via Why Rocketry Doesn’t Work in the Vacuum • Cluesforum.info.

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Beware false idols

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Gold and jewels everywhere

The number one religion in North America must be sport.This is why it is controlled and carefully scripted.

Victory in Game 7 brought more than another crown for LeBron James and the Miami Heat. It validated the team and its leader, forever cementing their place among the NBA’s greats.

via News from The Associated Press.

Idolatry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Idolatry is a pejorative term for the worship of an idol, a physical object such as a cult image, as a god,[1] or practices believed to verge on worship, such as giving undue honour and regard to created forms other than God.[2] In all the Abrahamic religions idolatry is strongly forbidden,

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9/11 sold cigarettes

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From the ridiculous studies category, we have this foolish story.

The 9/11 attacks on America appear to have caused about one million former smokers across the country to take up the habit again and maintain it, according to a Weill Cornell Medical College public health study.

The analysis, published in the June 20 issue of the journal Contemporary Economic Policy, is the first to look at the net costs to society of terrorism-induced smoking in the United States after 9/11 and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

via Stress from 9/11 linked to nationwide resurgence in smoking among Americans who had quit.

That led me to this interesting story:

The most exploitative 9/11 advertisements | News.com.au

A number of companies have chosen to take advantage of the horrific September attacks in advertisements for a bizarre range of promotions and products, from anti-smoking campaigns to osteoarthritis cures.

Read more: www.news.com.au/world-news/the…

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