Ep45-9/11 stories

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Showtime: Saturday, June , 2013 1600h EDT 

Guest Hour 1: Fakecloudsinsky (Jamie)

Guest Hour 2: El Sushi (Pierre)

We have two listeners reveal their pathway to becoming aware to the world’s .

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19 thoughts on “Ep45-9/11 stories

  1. Herge Degrelle

    First guest was hip to what’s up & what’s upside down. Second guest set my Jewdar off and if he’s not a shillery practitioner, then he has a lot of deprogramming to do. What was that prog-rock doodling you played at the 5 minute mark ?

    1. El Sushi

      Herge Degrelle, what makes me think that you’re not yourself a shillery practitioner ? Feel free to join in and tell us more about that. We can even Skype each other and keep having that little “discussion”.It will be my pleasure.


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