Michael Hastings Death Hoax

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Another week, another fake, Hollywood style event — in Hollywood, no less! Fake staged scene, fake witnesses, and a new angle that I’ve never heard of. A mini version of , but just a wrecked car and car parts in unbelievable places (any chance Mercedes will have no knowledge of this crash? They attend all major events with their vehicles) Hatzoloh at the scene practically as it happens! An amazing coincidence of good response. Makes one wonder why they even need city first responders at all.

Apparently Toronto has a Hatzoloh chapter as well. I assume they patrol Toronto’s Jewish area.

via Michael Hastings Death / Murder and Hatzolah – YouTube.


Added June 23, 2013

My comment on the above video:

Great expose. So what is the purpose of this staged hoax? My theory is it’s to make people think that the 0;journalists” that are critical of the “generals” (“” =actors) are in danger when writing critically of the “wars”. It is a subtle message to any real investigators, if there are any, to not bother since bad things may happen. All are about fear and money, and they are very effective.

h/t Jan Erik

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2 thoughts on “Michael Hastings Death Hoax

  1. Rerevisionist

    That car photo reminds me of a mysterious death of a Dutch 9/11 demolition expert. I believe (from memory) he was scheduled as an expert witness on demolition to some investigation into 9/11; but his car crashed…
    I don’t recall anything else, apart from the fact he had a dog, but anyone interested should be able to find, compare and contrast.

  2. Waterwitch

    “A mini version of 9/11” – indeed. Even down to the “pet goat” that the young man next to the film director is holding in his arms. Now what was the name of the book Bush was reading on 9/11… mmm?


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