Moon a$$troNOTs wives’ lives’ lies

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Flag of the United States on American astronau...

Flag of the United States on American astronaut Neil Armstrong’s space suit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story

This latest storybook came out this week, and has this little gem in it:

0;Setting their special Westinghouse Lunar Color Television Camera on its tripod (another technological improvement made since the primitive black-and-white camera used on Apollo 11 only months ago), Beano accidentally pointed it directly into the sun, burning out the lens.  The TV networks were beside themselves – they had counted on covering the entire moonwalk – until someone had the bright idea of building a mock-up of the Moon in the studio.  Actor stand-ins walked around in moon suits, synched to the live transmission of the real astronauts’ voices.1;

Page 242 of The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel
A pervasive theme throughout the book is the highly controlled lives the A$$troNOTs lived. The wives were constantly told to never mention anything stressful to their husbands. Most of the wives divorced their  a$$troNOT husbands (23 out of 30).
One can only wonder if the severely controlled men let the secret out to their wives. The thought of concealing the big lie must have eaten them from the inside out.
It is for this reason these men should looked at in awe. To maintain a lie and take it to the grave like Neil Armstrong required immense willpower, if not money and threats.
Once more, the most betraying video in the history of NASA.
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  1. Aaron

    Very, very interesting stuff Ab. Thanks. I especially liked the first video you posted. Neil certainly doesn’t have the excitement in his voice that you would expect from someone who just completed the most incredible journey in history!


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