Tightrope walker a hoax?

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He did walk across Niagara Falls, didn’t he? I SAW it on TV!

This latest crossing has a few magic in it, plus was seen on a big screen by the 0;spectators” waiting for him.

Is this just another media hoax, made for TV illusion? Why is this on the front page of the Toronto (Enquirer) Star?

Nik Wallenda crosses gorge near Grand Canyon | Toronto Star.

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4 thoughts on “Tightrope walker a hoax?

  1. aj

    I couldn’t see a black outline but the picture looks weird to me in the sense that I would think his shoulder should be facing the camera and not his entire back. In terms of the video my favorite part was when he jogged the last 17 steps. Not believable at all

  2. Aral Sea

    Wheh he crossed the Niagara gorge, he was saying “Thank you Jesus, thank you God” as he crossed live on TV. When they showed the replay later, they cut out any reference to Jesus or God. Now that is fakery already…


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