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Breakfast in America

Breakfast in America (Photo credit: )

Listener and past guest El Sushi (More 9/11 Storiespulled a video from the Pop DVD, Supertramp – Live In Paris 79 (2013)(Region code : all)[002kr]. Supertramp is one of my fave bands of all times, and I do use this as a closer to radio,abirato,info

SUPERTRAMP – 0;You started laughing”, Live In Paris DVD, 1979 European Tour

Lovely aerial view and sightseeing over NY Manhattan…that was the “Breakfast in America” era…and they were just telling you that this thing that would happen 21 years later was nothing but a SIMULATION , a hyper reality…

Supertramp was and is still probably an enlighted band…they knew, somehow, and were pretty much aware of these big money scams and other numerous simulations that have taken place in the world events space…

via SUPERTRAMP – “You started laughing”, Live In Paris DVD on Vimeo.

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