Disaster planning, disaster swindle

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Never let a good storm go to waste. While I don’t believe they can create a tornado out of nowhere, I do believe they can enhance and steer storms. I am willing to concede that it’s within the realm of possibility they can seed a storm, but I do believe it’s pissing in the wind without the right conditions.

That said, once they’ve got a storm and some significant damage, I am quite sure the vultures and money printers of the federal government come out and pile on the overbuilding and the over debting. A few then proceed to get filthy rich.

As many of you are aware, I question the validity of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado damage.  I’m not suggesting that there wasn’t a storm, I just have my doubts about the extent of the reported damage for reasons I described in this post.

via Agenda 21 In Post-Disaster Recovery Plans | Sandy Hook Truth.


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3 thoughts on “Disaster planning, disaster swindle

  1. tsisageya

    And then to think of all the private fundraising of the “victims”. I have no words, just a lot of grunts and shouting.

    Remember Haiti? Remember all the times our leaders tell us to give because that’s what we do? Remember when Federal aid doesn’t actually happen and we’re told that the American people pull together in times of tragedy and crisis and give and give and go shopping?

    Oh my dear sweet Jesus. Where is Haiti now, for example? Where did all the money go? Need I continue?

    They’re still in the process of looting us. Their deviousness knows no bounds. There are several million suckers born every second.

  2. aj

    I believe they can create a tornado out of nowhere as well as steer storms, and I believe they do this in more instances than not. In the Oklahoma case, I definitely believe damage was done because my girlfriend’s family members live there and have explained what they went through and have shown pictures of homes in their area. However, like most people who frequent this site, I believe the media’s side of it is clearly exaggerated and filled with lies.


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