Nineteen firefighters dead

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Would you be posing peacefully while a fire burns behind you?

Not too sure what to think of this latest promoted story. The pictures have sim quality to them. If 19 died, where are all their pictures and back stories? Too much effort to concoct? The story doesn’t make sense. One survives while he’s moving the truck? Not a lot of occultic , but this reference certainly tell us something:

The tragedy is the deadliest single incident for firefighters since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, where as many as 340 crew members lost their lives, officials said

via Nineteen firefighters dead in the Yarnell Hill wildfire that spread from eight acres to 2,000 acres overnight in Central Arizona | Mail Online.

Why are all these stories covered more heavily in the British news? Is there something at play here? Why are the British media so heavily invested in US tragedies? Is British intelligence heavily involved in US ? Tavistock? Points to ponder.


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