TWA 800: They could never keep it a secret

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Just finished watching the rough cut floating around the internet. Long before I investigated , I reviewed this incident and of course, was suspicious. Our trusty government told us nothing to see here, move along.

That was then. Now knowing how 9/11 was pulled off in military precision, and yes, many people would be required to keep a secret. Top on that list would be those that control the media, and that’s not a really large number.

While I don’t think this was a fake event (at the moment), it is pretty clear that if you believe this new doc something is being covered up.

To say that hundreds of sailors can’t keep a secret is an insult to any member of the military — if there were even hundreds of sailors around at the time.

0;The second part of the missile theory is even darker. There were Navy maneuvers, U.S. Navy maneuvers going off the coast that day and there’s a theory that one of their missiles errantly hit the plane, but that would require an awful lot. First of all, the investigators made them account for every piece of ordinance on all those ships. And second of all, it would mean that every person, hundreds of sailors involved in that operation would somehow manage to keep this secret and remain silent and do so forever. That just doesn’t happen.”

via TWA Flight 800 crash an accident, investigators reaffirm 17 years later – CBS News.


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3 thoughts on “TWA 800: They could never keep it a secret

  1. lux

    This page contains the only photos I could find of the alleged victims:…

    Only a few tiny and questionable (to me) photos.

    Google Image search shows almost none:…

    The article linked in the OP about the recent hearing says only 2 family members showed up for the hearing. Only two? With an alleged death toll of 230 that seems odd to me.

    Another list here:…

    Forty of the “victims” were TWA employees or their families. Twenty+ others were students or recent grads so likely have no employment records. One guy (Brooks) was an exec with “Taco Industries” (a joke, perhaps?). Another (Beatty) was “senior systems engineer with the Naval Surface Warfare Center” (ironic coincidence?)

  2. ab Post author

    Not much on on this, but I am of course willing to believe it was a total fake event, a warm-up for 9/11. Perhaps a good clue, if a missile did hit it, would be the amazing job they did reconstructing the plane in a warehouse. I can’t imagine it would be possible. The other clue in this movie perhaps is the “bone chips of the bodies embedded in the metal” ? Seems rather ridiculous. So I guess this movie is a simple reaffirmation of the myth. I’ll have to do more research. Other readers please post whatever you have on this as it will be in the news for weeks now that this “doc” has surfaced.

  3. lux

    For me it has every indication of being a fake event. My guess is that a plane did go down but no one was aboard — the rest of it being a media dog & pony show.

    Try finding evidence that the “passengers” really existed.


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