TWA Flight 800: Passenger list

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Perhaps this was a prelim to after all. Question for all readers: were there any real plane crashes in the last 50 years? What about the flight that went through Toronto?

This photograph is part of the National Transp...

This photograph is part of the National Transportation Safety Board accident report for . The date on the photograph shows as May 20, 1997. It is figure 29 of the report, which is described as: A photograph of the large three-dimensional reconstruction, with the support scaffolding visible. Uploaded at full size as pulled from the report. URL of this report:… (Photo credit: )



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11 thoughts on “TWA Flight 800: Passenger list

  1. xileffilex

    Well, fancy this, bang on cue, we have a witness to TWA 800 Captain David McClaine and other key perps eg John Goglia, NTSB, in that event wheeled out to puff up the Metrojet Sinai news story: “How is Metrojet crash like TWA 800?“[video]…

    [check out the cute little tow-truck at 1:57.
    I can help out here, they are both staged events.
    What a load of garbage to keep the news-hungry occupied.

  2. Jack33

    I’m to the point where I automatically assume every air disaster is a hoax until proven otherwise, and so far my presumptions have all been right…although I had to second guess myself on the TWA 800 crash after I watched that documentary ‘TWA Flight 800.’

    For those unfamiliar with the film, here’s the premise:

    ~In “TWA Flight 800,” physicist Tom Stalcup, who investigated the crash on his own and conducts many of the interviews, joins six members of the official crash investigation to try and prove that three missiles brought the 747 jet down. ~

    Unlike every 9/11 documentary I’ve ever seen, where the acting is obvious and the script is predictable, ‘TWA Flight 800’ had an air of authenticity to me and, for whatever reason, I found most of the characters in it to be believable.

    If any of you haven’t seen it, check it out.
    Regardless of what you believe, there’s no denying this film was done very well and it shows a high level of sophistication amongst the people running these psyop events. It would seem there’s no limit with regards to the amount of money they’ll spend or to the lengths they’ll go in order to convince people that this really happened.

    I may be late to the party, and I apologize if this is the case, but has anyone had a chance to expose this film as the controlled opposition piece I suspect it is?



    1. xileffilex

      Just noticed, Jack, that Simon Shack and Ab discussed it here…

      I don’t think Lockerbie can be ignored though as a 9/11 rehearsal either.

      There are some sapient comments on the middle page of this LRF thread from Kodachrome…
      The Stalcup docu seems just another layer of the psy-op. The NTSB is central to all these air crash cover-ups. These “whistleblowers” will be still on the [pensions] payroll. Just another diversion

      The crash into the sea gives a much blanker canvas for the perps. These photos are perhaps the pointers that this is all faked. Such familiar motives.…………

      not forgetting this psy-op beauty:…

      When the plane crashed into the water, much of what was left sunk 130 feet below the surface in the Atlantic Ocean.


      9/11 style witness list with a few photos here……
      July 16 2011

      Heidi Snow Cinader, 39, [a San Francisco woman who lost her fiance in the crash]started the group, AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services (ACCESS), after finding comfort for herself at a meeting of families who lost relatives in the 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 bombing.
      Among those helped were more than 500 family members of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, as well as families of 229 people killed when Swissair Flight 111 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean on Sept. 2, 1998, and families suffering after an EgyptAir jetliner bound for Cairo from New York crashed a year later, killing all 217 people aboard.

      Cinader plans to publish a book through her organization in time for the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, telling the stories of relatives of people killed tragically, including the loss of a mother to a heart attack, a father to suicide, a father in a car accident, a child to sudden infant death syndrome, a fiancee in a construction accident and numerous deaths from plane crashes.

      1. Jack33

        Thanks for that thorough reply xileffilex…much appteciated.

        I’d say that more than settles it for me.

        It boggles the mind to realize the time and effort these meglomaniacs spend trying to create an alternate reality for the masses. It’s all so sinister and twisted…it makes me sick to my stomach.


    2. xileffilex

      Shame the subject died a death after a promising start at Cluesforum

      I see it as an invitation to look much deeper into the TWA 800 story.

      The faking of aviation crashes, involving such a wide range of agencies, throughout the world is curious.

      Certainly TWA800 had a specific purpose, highlighted by Simon Shack on page 1…
      [Simon’s chat with Ab at Fakeologist, already noted, revolves around his posts there]
      Excellent discussion and imagery concerning aircraft tyres mysteriously popping off their rims.

      I mentioned Heidi Cinader previously.
      There’s plenty of evidence to support the existence of her alleged French ice hockey playing fiance Michel this from 1993……
      or a photo from this poignantly named website, The DEAD ONES……

      who seemed to have moved back to France in 1996 but started off his career at Kanata, Ontario in a team now known as the Stallions.…

      Heidi’s story was reheated specially for the 2014 Malaysia Airlines MH370 psy-op.…

      And on their website, the Families We Have Helped: section looks surprisingly like a compendium of faked crashes:…

      Kogalymavia Flight 9268 – Sinai, Egypt – 10/31/15
      Germanwings 9525 – French Alps – 3/25/15
      Virgin Galactic – Mojave, CA – 10/31/14
      Malaysia Airlines 17 – Ukraine – 7/17/14
      Malaysia Airlines 370 – Malaysia – 3/7/14
      Asiana Airlines 214 – San Francisco, CA – 7/6/13

      Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 – 1/25/10
      Air France Flight 447 – 6/1/09
      Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 – 2/25/09
      Continental Flight 3407 – 2/12/09 [Beverly Eckert “widow” of Sean Rooney, Aon, WTC2,9/11…..say no more…
      US Airways Flight 1549
      Air France Concorde 4590 – 6/25/00
      Alaska Airlines 261 – 1/31/00
      Egypt Air 990 – 10/31/99
      American Airlines 1420 – 6/1/99
      Swissair 111 – 9/2/98
      Egypt Air 990 – 10/31/99
      American Airlines 1420 – 6/1/99
      Swissair 111 – 9/2/98
      TWA 800 – Long Island, NY – 7/17/96
      Pan Am 103 – Lockerbie, Scotland – 12/21/88

      Is this a photoshopped picture? Low quality..…

      the people involved in ACCESS

      “…in the fall of 1996…Heidi formed a board of directors and an advisory board that included New York’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Governor George Pataki, as well as Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, the author of the best seller, When Bad Things Happen to Good People

      Heidi has trained care teams and air disaster responders ….

      Heidi has consulted and provided evaluation services during full-scale air disaster emergency response exercises which include an air disaster water landing drill at San Francisco International Airport and JetBlue Airways emergency air disaster response drill at John F. Kennedy Airport.

      Heidi has presented to clinicians and disaster response workers at the Sixth World Congress on Stress, Trauma and Coping….

      After 9/11 Heidi designed and implemented counseling workshops for the loved ones of the victims, employees who witnessed the events of 9/11 and trained crisis responders in New York City and Boston.


      On 9/11 2015, ACCESS posted a nice story about Jeremy Glick, Flight 93, the Shanksville hole in the ground special.…
      Because Lyz Best, wife of Jeremy Glick, [hero of Flight 93] has benefited from the conselling services of ACCESS to cope with her loss…..…
      For more on Lyz Best:….
      From 4:07 here

      Back to Heidi Snow. She began dating Arthur Cinader in December 1997 and moved out of New York to New Mexico in Fall 2001,…


      Mr. Cinader, 33, and Miss Snow, 30, met on a ski trip in 1992…
      Seems like it was a continuation of earlier business.

      Miss Snow met someone else and was engaged to be married when tragedy struck.

      Mr. Cinader re-entered Miss Snow’s orbit in 1997, at a Manhattan fund-raiser for Access.

  3. xileffilex

    Question for all readers: were there any real plane crashes in the last 50 years?

    I would say not many…
    I opened a separate thread just for Lockerbie imagery.
    From the Lockerbie passenger list, someone has summed it up for me:…

    LOOKING through the list of Lockerbie victims it is striking how many are young – from babies to students trying to get home to celebrate Christmas in 198

    The age split of victims from fake events usually splits between the young, the carefree, the students and the single – and those who are in retirement or near retirement. There are always exceptions, but recent fake events like the Sousse “massacre” in Tunisia bear this out. These are the people who can go to new lives and locations more easily than those stuck in mid-life family situations.
    Here’s a relatively recent exhuming of the Lockerbie psy-op in 2011…
    Fisk reports a Marion Irvine writing to him about her brother Bill Cadman – William Martin Cadman , 32 of London , musician, seat 29J apparently travelling with his girlfriend Sophie to spend Christmas with Sophie’s aunt in the United States.

    Strangely, they don’t name the girlfriend, but she’s

    Sophie Hudson , formerly of Morley, whose parents had lived close to the Morley Rugby Union ground on Scatcherd Lane.

    who is Sophie Ailette Miriam Hudson, aged 26, of Paris, France. Seat number 29H [her mother had a French name, Chaslerie and had a brother Robert ]…

    Her parents, Martin and Rita Cadman,[died 2013] have, she says, had countless meetings with MPs, including Tam Dalyell and Henry Bellingham, Cecil Parkinson, Robin Cook and Tony Blair, and with Nelson Mandela (whose appeal for Megrahi to be transferred to a Libyan prison was supported by the Cadmans).

    The purpose of Fisk’s article is to solicit “whistleblowers” who can write to the Cadmans c/o Fisk. Hmmm.
    Martin Cadman said Megrahi was innocent…

    As Martin Cadman prepared to leave a meeting at London’s US Embassy just over a year after his son’s death aboard Pan Am flight 103, a member of the American Presidential Commission drew him to one side. “Keep up the fight,” he said. “Your government and ours know exactly what happened but they are never going to tell.”

    Just another rabbit hole?
    Perhaps they all know nothing happened.….
    William Martin Cadman Top Flat, 9 Surrendale Place Maida Vale London died 21 December 1988

    Administration GBP 94,785
    Hudson – no estate, no probate. Strange.

    Something else strange: April 6 2009…

    L’Aquila destroyed by earthquake
    “Our house was destroyed but we got out,” said Marion Cadman, a teacher at the English school of L’Aquila. “Now we’re in limbo and just glad to have a tent.

    Same Marion. Same earthquake which almost knocked Simon Shack out of bed at 3AM…….

    an event which was actually predicted by an Italian scientist
    Most disturbing is an Italian Scientist predicted this and warned people and he was silenced by the authorities:

    An Italian scientist who predicted a major earthquake near L’Aquila a few weeks ago was forced to remove warnings from the internet after being reported to the police, it emerged today.
    Giampaolo Giuliani, a researcher at the National Physical Laboratory of Gran Sasso, based his forecast on emissions of radon gas coming from the ground in seismically active areas.

    which led to a bizarre trial, jailing and acquittal in 2014 of the scientist’s charge of manslaughter….over 309 deaths………

  4. lux

    I haven’t looked into the events you mentioned so I really can’t be sure but, like any major media story, the chances are always good that they were faked.

  5. ab Post author

    So do you think the big ones, like Lockerbie, Swissair, and Air India were fake? I agree, with the military media’s cooperation, anything can be done easily, especially if the plane crash is staged over water. Who can verify anything then?

  6. lux

    “Question for all readers: were there any real plane crashes in the last 50 years?”

    One of those “the answer is blowin’ in the wind” kind of questions … 🙂

    I’m sure planes do crash occasionally but since at least the 1950s Hollywood and the news media have been trying to convince us that travel (especially international air travel) is dangerous so I would be extremely suspicious of any and all such media tales.

    It’s pretty easy to fake a plane crash. A pilot takes up an empty plane, points it where he wants it to crash and bails out. The rest is just theater and a few fake family members/witnesses, all reinforced in the public’s mind by scores of movies and TV shows.

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