Bringing 9/11 to the mainstream media

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Great mashup of callers. Watch the talking heads lie! Everything that is happening in the NSA States of America is a result of 9/11. Even though building 7’s collapse was nothing but CGI footage, the fact remains that it is a wedge to jam into the public’s consciousness that the official story of 9/11 is a complete and utter lie. I’d like to see people get in some abirato or mentions on the cpan lines – because people are watching (although not too many).

It would be great to see some calls get through.

C-SPAN Callers Won’t Shut Up About 9/11 Inside Job – YouTube.

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10 thoughts on “Bringing 9/11 to the mainstream media

  1. ab Post author

    Who knows. The group that called in could be controlled as well. Why else do they center on the “safe” building 7 story? Saying it was a controlled demolition goes nowhere when it comes to illustrating the military media is not on the peoples’ side, and are faking event after event in TOTALITY from JFK to 9/11. to today’s nonsense.

  2. aj

    I think my head was in the wrong place when I first watched this but I get it now. A big group of people probably got together and decided to call the station to confront them on 911. They obviously used talking points and planned out exactly what to say, which was smart on their part. I guess it was hard for me to fathom that real people were able to get through on major network shows. I always thought they had their inside people call in and pretend to be real people.


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