First Fake family Gabby and Mark

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Another outstanding vid from The Paulstal Service on the Gabby Giffords Shooting Hoax.

If this video doesn’t make you angry at being lied to on a daily basis I don’t know what will.

Gabby Giffords – Faking A Speech Impediment for Gun Control – YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “First Fake family Gabby and Mark

  1. simon shack


    that “Paulstalservice” entity (aka “NorwayResearch” – aka “SanLuisSkywatch”, aka ex-Cluesforum member “Kentrailer”, etc…) is the ‘Ace Baker’ of our ISS research – and more generally, a full-time stalker/troll employed to co-opt and (at the same time) throw mud at our Cluesforum research.

    As I have told you before – over six months ago in fact…….

    He may be churning out decent psyop-exposing videos… but ask yourself: why would any such person spend so much time attacking my humble persona? All of the five below videos by “Paulstal Service” (a name inspired by my Social Service music band, perhaps?) are dedicated to thrashing my work / credibility – and that of Cluesforum in general:

    “Simon Shack and Disinfo”

    “Simon Shack – High Level Disinformation Artist”

    “Moon Hoax – Did we go to the Moon? – Nope.”
    “SIMon Shack has been exposed as a fraud”

    “Simon Shack September Clues Shill submits Sketchy music video as proof”

    “Analysis of SIMon Shacks music videos – (not so) hidden meanings”

    “Paulstal Service” sure has a lot of time on his hands!

    1. ab Post author

      I will watch his videos you cited. If we didn’t reference any “shill like” material, we would have very little to post. The fact that you point to his work discrediting cluesforum (which we support with thanks) should draw pause to readers to be careful of everyone they come across on the internet.

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