Engaging the MSM

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What’s the key to getting the message out to people that they are being lied to on a massive scale? One way is to call in to Main Stream Media call in shows, as in the previous post

Another is to tweet to newspaper columnists, even in your local city. While they have a much smaller audience than national TV shows, they still have a few that will follow and listen to them.

Go to twitter and search for keywords like 0; hoax” or “Boston Hoax” or “psyOp” or “media fakery”. If you see a tweet you agree with, re-tweet it. If you see a Facebook post you agree with, share it. Gather what you’ve done and collate it in a blog post.

It all adds up.

Here’s my contribution for today, responding to the poor Canadian version of the pressure cooker bombers:

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

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z091101z's avatarAb Irato @z091101z

. @Farzanhassan1 @charlesadler do you believe in fairytales? The Cdn pressure cooker story is a pale version of the script. Critical thinkers know both are intelligence hoaxes, generating fear and money and dividing populations

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