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Killer PsyOps

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Just heard this interview on noagenda podcast. The more I think about this interview and the following one I’ve posted before of the CIA interrogator, the more I believe that the drone program may be complete propaganda.

So who is this propaganda for? The American people or the rest of the world? Do Americans really want to have it drummed into their heads that their military is killing by remote control in foreign lands? Is this supposed to make them happy about their country, or disgusted?

I can understand spreading fear of America in the rest of the world, but does this information reach them at all? Do the people of Yemen or Pakistan watch 60 Minutes or NBC? I think not.

Former drone operator says he’s haunted by his part in more than 1,600 deaths – YouTube.

I remember when I first watched this before I became aware of psyOps how this guy made my skin crawl. Torturing people, no matter who they are, is just anti-human and so counter intuitive to civil people. Now, I realise it’s propaganda of a most likely fake scenario. I still can’t figure out how it’s supposed to affect its American audience.

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Smoking plane in SF

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Update 7/7/13:

Lots of “oh my Gods” and “oh it’s an accident” and “oh you’re filming it too”.

“Amateur video” of today’s possibly fake media event of the day comes from a youtube user who has the usual “cute cats” tip off in their newly created or inactive youtube account.

via Asiana Airlines flight crashes while landing at San Francisco airport – YouTube.

mucantose   YouTubemucantose1   YouTube

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I bring my first introduction to lucky 7, as those that bring us our daily dose of fake events with their magic numbers are to say the least tiresome with their repetition of the numerology.

Since today is 7/7, the anniversary of the fake London bombings (that started with the obligatory drill), clearly we have an overabundance of 7s everywhere we look with today’s (faked) events.

Boeing 777 crashed in San Francisco (?) • Cluesforum.info.

Some good Hoi analysis:

77 people were Korean nationals.

7 were of “unknown nationality” (possibly the Democratic State of Disbelief?)

Ha ha ha … haaa … No, sorry, I am not letting that go. They are on an international flight, they are listed on the manifest, and they had passports in what fucking nationality?!

Oh, and 141 were Chinese people nobody can possibly look up on a database.

www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/… … 83741.html

Well of course the two dead happen to be that particular nationality.

Chinese state media has named the victims as Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia, both 16-year-old students at Jiangshan Middle School in China’s eastern Zhejiang province.

Read more: www.theage.com.au/travel/trave… … z2YN5QHVVj

Okay, both 16.

Adding up to 7. And 7.

That’s it, I’m done. This is too much bullshit. Thanks, bye.

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simSnowden and fake whistleblowers

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There is no doubt in my mind that Snowden is a sim. Sure, we saw an actor briefly being interviewed by Glenn Grunwald, but there is no-one named Snowden in real life. The sim, as we know, is flexible in every way. He can travel the world at the speed data bits, he doesn’t talk unless you program him to, and he cannot be seen walking down the street. Sounds like Snowden, doesn’t it?

There is also no such thing as being ex-CIA. It’s the same as ex-Mafia. You’re either in or you’re dead (you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave). Both organizations require more than a membership form to join. You literally give up something that you can’t get back when decide you joined the wrong organization. Therefore, I doubt anyone leaves. If they do, they sure as hell don’t start leaking info worse than a garden hose.

The purpose of this latest psyOp is really the same as the rest. Fear, money, and perhaps the most important one I’ve recently decided upon: to study the herd’s reaction. From this reaction, they fashion laws, tweak our behaviour modifiers, and modify their long range plans for 5, 10, and 25 years out.

This NSA-whistleblower-government-spying scandal is hard for many to digest. On one level, I am an idealist too. I would like to believe that a lone whistleblower can pull a fast one on the NSA/CIA/Mossad axis. But I know that it cannot be. People find it hugely difficult to accept that the world is now so unrelentingly corrupt that the true extent of this corruption cannot be exposed and overturned by any whistleblowing.

via Why real whistleblowers can no longer exist — Puppet Masters — Sott.net.

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Train explodes in Lac-Mégantic

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Waking up this morning to a night of horrors:

“It was like an apocalyptic vision,” said Théberge, 44, who suffered burns to his right arm.

One dead, many missing as train explodes in Lac-Mégantic | Toronto Star.

The youtube video linked on the above page has almost a million views in just over a day. Funny, I didn’t see anything about this story yesterday on any of my favorite websites. This from a town with a population of 5,932. Lac-Mégantic, Quebec – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So what’s the purpose of all this? Town reconstruction project? It’s amazing that all the normal safeguards of public tax money seem to be discarded when a disaster strikes. Open up the wallets. Full steam ahead, damn the torpedoes (and the auditors).

Perhaps it’s to turn people against the automation of train traffic and conducting. Seems like to minor a meme though. Humans are being replaced at a rapid pace by computers and robots in every industry. (which always leads to me to the question, what are we going to do with all the surplus “human resources”?)

Check the link below and listen to thestar video. Listen to the scripted nature of the actor playing a townsfolk. “Explosions like an atomic bomb”. “Children separated from their parents.” WTF is that statement supposed to evoke? Does it even make sense? How could that even occur?

One dead, many missing as train explodes in Lac-Mégantic | Toronto Star

Scène d horreur   YouTube

One dead  many missing as train explodes in Lac Mégantic   Toronto Star

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