Smoking plane in SF

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Update 7/7/13:

Lots of 0;oh my Gods” and “oh it’s an accident” and “oh you’re filming it too”.

0;Amateur video” of today’s possibly fake media event of the day comes from a youtube user who has the usual “cute cats” tip off in their newly created or inactive youtube account.

via Asiana Airlines flight crashes while landing at San Francisco airport – YouTube.

mucantose   YouTubemucantose1   YouTube

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1 thought on “Smoking plane in SF

  1. Blue Moon

    This has a real drill vibe to it if it’s not just CGI altogether- The local news had the same footage everyone else got around the country save for a few more “witnesses” and local experts about SFO idiosyncrasies- The passengers took pix as they walked rather than ran away- The post crash pix from various sources don’t seem to match regarding the debris or fire retardant spreads- Skid marks from the plane seem nonexistent- The belly flop seems to have ignited the fuel tanks under the passenger sections but no one reported an explosion, just fire, though the top of the airplane is missing and I don’t think the carcass of a plane would just dissolve in a fire that wouldn’t also blow out the tanks in a huge fireball, taking the engines in the wings with it- Not sure at this point if the Korean angle means anything- Shenanigans!


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