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No storm p0rn fakery here … yet

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Toronto got dumped on with rain this afternoon. While I can’t verify any of the photos (except my own), I can report that I was in the monsoon for most of the afternoon and saw heavy flooding with my own eyeballs. Therefore, I can classify this as a real event for the few areas I waded through.

Feel bad for the people stuck on the train. Some have been stuck for many hours.

Photos of flooding, blackouts in Toronto as severe storm rolls through – The Globe and Mail.

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Nuclear can never be cheap

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Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power (Photo credit: EnvironmentBlog)

Nuclear power can never be cheap for one simple reason: it doesn’t exist. Allowing the cost to come down would reveal it for what it is: a paper tiger…or better yet, a mirage or illusion.

No isolated region has or will ever operate exclusively on nuclear power, since it doesn’t exist.

The nuclear industry is a giant ponzi scheme. It oscillates between being a magical power and a catastrophic apocolyptic destroyer of the planet.

It’s akin to the most beautiful virgin who carries a deadly disease. Forbidden fruit.

This is the only explanation I can come up with to explain the endless articles like this one. Shift your paradigm and see how it makes nuclear power stories suddenly make sense.


Is it safe? That’s what most people — brought up on Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and The Simpsons — want to know about nuclear power. And for the most part, the answer is yes. Accidents are rare, and those that have occurred — including the partial meltdown in Fukushima, Japan, in 2011 — have resulted in few deaths.

On a side note, two similar little brothers to nuclear power are wind and solar. The difference is they work and actually exist, but not well enough to supply steady power. They can never work well or be cost effective, since their fuel source will always be variable.

There are only two reliable, constant fuel sources. Burning and hydro, in that order. Since their is an endless supply of coal and garbage and possibly natural gas, and of water flowing downhill, there is clearly no real energy shortage.

The shortage is man made and artificial for two reasons. To control the herd and its movements, and to make the controllers rich and keep themselves in power.

How long until enough thinking people resonate this message globally and reveal the man behind the curtain?

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Quebec train explosion hoax

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Remember the formula for disaster media events. Problem, reaction, solution. The solution sometimes take time to be revealed, but looks like we have the solution formulation quite quickly.

The explosions in Quebec caused by a derailed train carrying oil will fuel the debate over whether pipelines are a more palatable way to move petroleum products compared to railways, which have been picking up business as pipeline projects face stiff opposition.

via Quebec train explosions fuel rail versus pipeline debate for moving oil – The Globe and Mail.

In other words the pipeline is good for the people. Since we have to get the oil from A to B somehow, agitate them to rally around no trains through town, and instead use pipelines.

So we have fear and money as the main drivers once more. Scare the people, reward them with new infrastructure, and then enrich a corporation on the other end of the financial tug of war (in this case, the east-west pipeline vs rail).that drove the psyOp in the first place.

PsyOps must always be multi-purpose. To create such a big event requires a high level of coordination, so the payoff must be enough to satisfy all end users to make it worthwhile.

So the question needs to be asked again: are psyOps (where no-one dies but are reported as dying) a moral or legitimate way to move the population towards a corporate/government point of view? Is this corporatism when the intelligence/government apparatus is used to further corporate good? Is corporate good the same as the common good? Is corporatism fascism? (Mussolini said so).

Personally, I don’t mind one way or the other how fuel moves. We need it, it’s the only form of stable on demand power known to man. We need power.

Our sad evolution

I just have a problem how those that rule over us are lying all the time to get what they want, and I leave me no way of knowing what’s really happening thanks to their constant deception.If people remain unaware of the method, it will only get worse. Is that what the sheeple want?

A young Mussolini in his early years in power.

A young Mussolini in his early years in power. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lac Mégantic explosion could change pipeline debate, expert says


With the focus on pipeline safety, an energy policy expert says there’s been less attention paid to the risks of transporting materials like crude by rail.

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