Lac Megantic train disaster hoax

likes this now has a thread on what looks like one of the bigger hoaxes to hit Canada in recent memory. Some great posts I’ll highlight here:


0;Canadian Prime Minister Harper, right, surveys the scene Sunday, July 7, 2013 in Lac Megantic, Quebec,

bad photoshopping job

as firefighters continue to spray derailed tanker cars. A runaway train derailed Saturday causing explosions of railway cars carrying crude oil and destroyed part of the downtown area of Lac Megantic.”

“surveys the scene” ? What is he doing other than posing for a photo? In what world do firefighters let civilians that close to a fire while they are spraying to contain it just a few yards away?

Steve O:

First the a 72 car freight train (7+2 = 9) parked 11 kms from the city center.


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