Speed Laden

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The stories never end.

Osama Bin Laden was stopped by the police for speeding 11 YEARS ago but Pakistani police let him go, secret papers reveal

via Pakistani report: Osama bin Laden wore a COWBOY HAT around the house to avoid detection; he and his youngest wife thought the kill raid’s noises were just a rainstorm | Mail Online.

Another completely unbelievable speeding story:

Driver nabbed going 225 km/h on Ontario highway – Toronto – CBC News

A driver allegedly reeking of marijuana was arrested by Ontario Provincial Police after an officer caught his car racing at a blistering 5 km/h — more than twice the posted speed limit on Highway 401.

The OPP stopped the driver on Saturday morning around 8:22 a.m. in Mississauga, after he was spotted heading eastbound at Dixon Road on the 401.

An officer with the OPP’s highway safety division was in the area when he saw the car roar past.

I know this stretch of road. It’s the biggest bottleneck on the entire 800km roadway. Even on a Saturday morning it’s busy. To go this speed would require flying over the traffic or weaving at such a rate you’d be flipped over each turn of the wheel.

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