Jr. Quebec Train PsyOp continues

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The made-for-Canada (but probably not made in Canada) continues 5 days later. If anyone is still paying attention to this watered down version of any American psyOp, they’ll see the results of the complete underfunding of the vicsim portion of the hoax.

But investigators still refuse to make names public, as some who were originally listed as missing have since been located.

‘More or less 60 persons’ missing in Lac-Mégantic train disaster.

How do they expect people to believe that 5 days later, we have no names of vicsims 0;out of respect for the families”? If your family member was missing, wouldn’t you be screaming from the hilltops for them to call in or be identified?

Here’s a new 0;amateur” video recently released:

A few minor anomolies:

  • streetlights still on – one burned powerline pole would kill the power
  • random vehicle traffic around fire area, seemingly oblivious to the huge fireballs
  • fireballs and smoke seem very repetitious, as in a video loop
  • spectators are quite close for a huge fire. The heat would be tremendous and emanate for hundreds of meters
  • my poor French was enough to hear the constant 0;oh my God”s so prevalent in “amateur” videos of past psyOps, like and the recent SF runway crash



4 thoughts on “Jr. Quebec Train PsyOp continues

  1. Blue Moon

    Watch the stock markets, too- Put Options on soon to crater stock is always a popular con- Asiana Airlines dropped over 6% after the “crash”-

    1. Ab Irato

      Didn’t even know about it til you mentioned it. Lots of 9s and 11s in the obvious fake story. Endless fakery from endless budgets. Don’t these writers have morals?

      1. lynne0312

        No, and it seems like they are working non-stop on these things. I noticed that the Quebec crash and San Fran both are attributed to operator errors. The CEO’s were awful quick to admit fault in both cases. I suspect the AK plane crash will be the same thing. There’s something to that – some type of regulation coming.


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