Ruthless self radicalized female paintballers

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click to enlarge for analysis in red

click to enlarge for analysis in red

Some really bad anti-Muslim psyOp fiction writing in this story. Read it if you can stomach it. Every meme in the writing handbook is used in this passage. This composite sim has more memes than Adam Lanza (if that’s possible). The writers literally create a composite sim with a smorgasboard of tasty conspiracy, anti-Muslim bits so that any casual reader will find a stereotype meme they like and bite into it (and therefore believe it).

smorgasboard of memes

Nelson said he was happy at first for Nuttall when he found religion about three years ago. He thought it would keep the 38-year-old former heavy metal guitarist from relapsing into the hard drugs that had stolen much of his adult life and left him with a string of convictions.

via Alleged B.C. bomber changed after converting to Islam, friend says (with video).

Complete with a RT video. RT is another very obvious intelligence run controlled opposition outlet that is tiring to watch, as it too has more recycled stereotypical memes and tropes per minute than a bad script.

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